I never know quite how to start one of these things. Do I give you all a brief bio? A run down of my life at present? Tell you about my pets? my kids? my mental illness? I guess everything has been done before in one form or another, so instead I am going to explain just what project: girl means.

Two years ago I was miserable with my body (aren’t we all). I had popped out 4 kids and had long given up feeling pretty. I lived in jeans and t-shirts and for work trousers and blouses – usually covered up with a vest. Pre-children I had been a bit of a girly-girl. I had plenty of dresses and pretty things. I had jewellery and make up. I painted my nails and did my hair. I had time to paint my nails and do my hair. I had given up. That’s when a friend told me to snap out of it. She pointed me in the direction of this amazing blog and said if she could do it, I could. She bullied me into going into shops I had previously avoided – convinced nothing in there would fit me. That day I bought my first pencil skirt and project: girl was born.

Project: girl has grown from that desire to find my inner girl again to a desire to find myself again.After a tumultuous year in which I had a complete nervous break down, lost my career, started homeschooling my kids, was diagnosed with bipolar and more recently ended my marriage, it is time to look forward. In a few months I turn 30. I want to go experience the world again. I want to make friends. I want to free myself from a rut of wearing pj’s and only leaving the house for vital appointments. I want to learn how to dance. I want to travel. I want to enjoy my children again. I want to create.

So heres to the journey.



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