30 by 30

Inspired by this post by the lovely Cate I decided to follow her lead with my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, and my desire to get back out there and rediscover life  (and hopefully myself!) I thought I would make my own list of 30 things to do before I turn 30 in January. So here we go!

30 by 30

1. Join a book club

I love reading. I want to make new friends. Enough said.

2. Start a Herb Garden

I love cooking with fresh herbs – but coles often don’t have what I want, and it isn’t cheap for what is quite a small bunch of herbs. I also would love to grow a vege patch and flowers…but this is a nice easy, not terribly time consuming baby step towards that goal.

3. Learn Ballroom Dancing

Well not all of it. But I want to learn how to dance. Fate stepped in and sent me an email for one of those group details (5 individual ballroom dancing lessons + 4 group lessons for $29. SCORE!) and I start next week.

4. Buy a Camera

I won’t be able to afford a new digital SLR by my birthday, but I will be able to find a new (old) film one.

5. Buy & Complete the 12 Week “Artists Way” Program

This book was talked about a lot amoung the photography community. It was used by people I knew who had gotten into a rut and wanted to break out. I haven’t picked up a camera in almost 18 months and I think this is just what I need to get back into it. Well this and the camera!

6. Attend a High Tea

I love dressing up and I love tea, cakes and finger sandwhiches! High Tea is definitely for me, but I have never been because I didn’t know anyone who wanted to go. It is time to rectify this.

7. Learn How to do an Upsweep

The Upsweep is more commonly (and apparently incorrectly) known as Victory Rolls. I have tried to figure these out with no luck. I even went to a vintage hair & makeup class to learn again with no luck. I have been told it is all about practice. So practice it is.

8. Buy a Bike

The kids have bikes but I don’t. The problem with this is I can’t take the girls out on their bikes as I can’t keep up. Also since moving we are a bit further away from the shops so biking it would be handy. I want a nice retro looking one with a basket!

9. Join the Local CWA

I have always admired these women, especially when I lived in rural NSW. I love that they manage to fundraise and support famers, can cook a mean scone and are crafty. Miss 11 is also interested in joining. There is one just near us too.

10. Decorate my Bathroom

I wanted to put my bedroom, but I don’t think I will have the funds to do that before my birthday so a more realistic goal is needed. I want to slowly decorate the whole house, and the bathroom is a nice easy place to start.

11. Attend a Speed Friending Event – UNACCOMPLISHED!

I don’t know anyone that I haven’t met through photography or homeschooling. I don’t have any really close friends and I am often lonely. I avoid going to places on my own which means I rarely go anywhere. Then I heard about “Be My Wingman” a local speed friending event for women. Just what I need.

12. Watch Every Audrey Hepburn Movie

I love this one. It was stolen from someone elses 30 by 30 list. I adore Audrey Hepburn and have seen most of her movies. I saw most of them before I was a teen. Time to see the rest!

13. Make all our Christmas Presents

This only applies to those we don’t spend Christmas with. The girls and I have been talking about making jams and relishes. I think this will be a great idea as Christmas will be a lot leaner this year being single. Now to start saving our jars.

14. Learn to Sew

Or more specifically, take a sewing class. I can use my basic sewing machine. I can put buttons back on…I can even hem a pair of pants, well sort of. But I want to be able to understand all the features on my machine and figure out how to follow a pattern. The local spotlight has term long lessons that aren’t too pricey. I just need to sign up.

15. Follow a Pattern to Make Something

A dress, a skirt…even pajamas. I just want to be able to follow a pattern and actually make an item of clothing for myself.

16. Take myself away for a weekend

I am a pretty solitary person which is amusing given that I chose to have lots of babies and my little brother and his girlfriend lives with us. That’s a lot of people in a small house. Sometimes I just need to breathe. I don’t care where it is. It could be a small cave somewhere. As long as I have a place to sleep and just be alone with my thoughts I will be happy. Anyone know of any cheap cave rentals???

17. Get Contacts

I have been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old and have always refused contacts as the thought of sticking my finger in my eye wasn’t appealing at all. However since starting project:girl and learning how to work with makeup I have had trouble applying eye makeup. You see I am almost blind in one eye and the other is almost fine. So when I remove my glasses and close one eye to put on eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara one eye works out great and the other looks like scary clown makeup. I would love to be able to see what I am doing and hence the contacts.

18. Take a Make Up Class

There is so much I want to know. I love the vintage look and would love to learn how to put on the perfect liquid eyeliner. I want to know the secrets to wearing red lipstick. I want to know how to use/put on falsh lashes. In other words, I need professional help.

19. Cross Stitch

Apparently one of the easier embroidery/crafty techniques I would love to learn and make a cross stitch picture. Basic and granny-ish, but I want to do it.

20. Learn How to Make Macrons

I have a serious macaron addiction. The cheapest way for me to feed this addiction would be to learn how to make them. I did try once. It was an epic failure. So once again practice makes perfect and if I really struggle I can take one of the million macaron classes that seem to be popping up.

21. Try a Burlesque Class

I love burlesque. I saw “Gypsy” for the first time when I was about 10 or 11 and found her (Gypsy Rose Lee) so incredibly fascinating. I am in love with the past. I love how incredibly sexy and sensual they can be without showing everything. I love that burlesque dancers come in all shapes, sizes & colours. I love the humour. So I want to try a class of my own and see if I can shimmy with the best of them.

22. Take myself out to Brunch

Love brunch and brunchy foods (as I am not up early enough for breakfast most days) and personally love eating out alone. The stares of pity amuse me greatly. But as a mum, a wife (sort of) and a sister/sister in law my house is overflowing with people. I enjoy being able to sit by myself, quietly and eat. Two of my favourite things – quiet and food!

23. Learn Flower Arranging Basics

I love flowers so much. I wish I could afford to have new arrangements delivered each week, but I would have to go without food, electricity AND gas…and what can I say? I’m a city girl and just love my “luxuries” too much. I am also a fiend for Martha Stewart so am either hoping to find an affordable class or some tips and tricks on the internet.

24. Cook a Soufflé

Another stolen list item…but something I have always wanted to do and always put in the too hard basket. I love baking and if I can get it right awesome. If not at least I tried.

25. Replace my old Underwear

May sound silly and weird, but I have gone up 3 dress sizes and am still trying to cram myself into bras that I spill out of and tattered old undies that cut into me. Not to mention it seems like a nice post relationship cleansing of sorts.

26. Clean out my Pantry

As I said I love to bake. I love to cook…but my pantry isn’t stocked for me, it’s stocked for him as he did almost all the cooking. I also am an anal retentive and want all my containers to match and everything to be prettily and functionally stored away. I also need to replace spices that are 3-4 years old.

27. Learn to Bake 5 minute Artisan Bread

Follow the link if you want more info, but I stayed with a homeschooling family in Sydney who make this bread every morning. They mix it all up and everyday cut a chunk off an bake it. They make 5 loaves out of one mix. I tried it once, stuffed it up and decided it wasn’t for me. But I love, love, love fresh bread and can’t afford a bread maker. Once you get the hang of it, it is suppose to be super easy.

28. Go Op-Shopping by myself

I love op-shoping, but so do my daughters. They love how much crap they can buy with $5. As such I never go alone. I never get to look at things properly or try things on so I always come home with another hat or bag. There are lots of them in my local area too.

29. Try Some Sort of Sleeping Routine

At the moment I have the worst sleeping habits. I am up half the night, sleep half the day. I guess it’s the “luxury” of having him here. I need to get into a better habit. I actually love mornings…when I don’t hate mornings (when I haven’t slept well or long). Time to get into a better habit and then I will have all that free daytime!

30. Throw myself a birthday party

I am single now and I don’t have a “best” friend or even a group of friends so I am pretty sure the only way I am getting a party is to do it myself. I just need to make more friends between now and then! But even if it is just me and my little girls I will throw myself one hell of a birthday celebration that marks a milestone of not just age or a birthday…but hopefully of growing up and moving on.

so there you have it. My 30 by 30 list. Here’s hoping I get through it all in just a few months. But even if I don’t get them all, I am going to give them all a damn good try.



2 thoughts on “30 by 30

  1. I’m a listmaker too, and did the same thing for my 22nd birthday just gone!
    I love your list – it has a tonne of things I’d love to do too – good luck with it!

    Sorry to hear about your split – I loved your other blog too – but happy that you’ll be making yourself happier.


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