I woke up (the day after the awful day) feeling so tired. I also spent the day trying not to be sick. I spent yesterday in bed feeling sorry for myself watching various break up movies. Today I am eating (a big improvement) and watching Audrey Hepburn movies….they always cheer me up.If it would stop raining I would go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Tomorrow I must feel better. I am going to High Tea for the first time (well the first time that I haven’t made it myself for the girls!) with a new friend. We are going to the Hyatt which not only serves high tea but includes a fancy desert buffet. I was planning on wearing my retro styled shape wear but with all I can eat deserts I am thinking stretchy pants might be a better option.

In other unexciting news – he got a job yesterday. Which means money to move out as well as child support. Financially I can JUST afford to live in this house with the girls on our own. I would be without any money to have my hair cut, to go out anywhere, to buy any new clothes. I would even be struggling to buy school supplies for the girls and new socks when they need them (a pack of 10 pairs for one girl barely lasts 8 weeks before they are all holey). This has probably been the main fear behind pushing him to leave. I hate the thought of the girls going without anything. But also, to not be able to do anything for myself would make for one miserable mum. With a job he can afford his own place (instead of just renting a room) which means he can also have the kids on the weekends. Which gives me some time to have some sort of life.



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