What a lovely day

Today I went to high tea for the first time with Miss Bowsnhearts. We hadn’t actually met before and I was a bit nervous (I suffer quite bad from social anxiety and always worry people won’t like me) but we got along straight away and when we weren’t stuffing our faces we were talking non stop!

I want to do a quick review on the Grand Hyatt (on Collins Street) Afternoon Tea in case anyone is interested.

We were early and were seated in a cosy little alcove looking out over Collins street. We were informed briefly how their tea service worked and were poured a glass of champagne each. Unfortunately the time between sitting down and our tray of goodies arriving was at least 20-30 minutes and the restaurant wasn’t even half full. The tray was a bit of a shock as we were paying $52 each and the top tier only had two small slices of cake and the bottom only 6 finger sandwiches (three types of fillings – one of each one each). We were both a tad confused especially when three minutes later that was all gone! We waited awhile not quite sure what to do next. Eventually we worked up the courage to head over to the “Desert Buffet”. There was a large case with various mini pastries and cakes and a small display of wraps and savoury pastries. I was actually pretty disappointed at this point and asked for a plate as I couldn’t see any. That was when I was informed they were on the other side. This is where out eyes got way too big for our stomachs! First up was a chocolate fountain complete with strawberries, marshmallows and dried apricots. Next to that was scones with two different jams (made in house) and cream. Further along was the pancake/waffle station – fresh made to order – more cream, cinnamon sugar, berries, chocolate sauce and syrup. Next up was the ice cream section with seven beautiful ice creams (I only had the hazelnut which was DIVINE! But Miss B&H sampled all seven and started a trend!). Then we stumbled on yet another table filled with goodies. This one had various biscuits, chocolate and chocolate truffles, macarons, mini citrus tarts & chocolate tarts, meringues and chocolate covered strawberries! We loaded up as much as we could first round and headed back to the table. Once those plates were cleared it took us awhile to flag down someone to bring us our pots of tea, which was a shame. We ended up heading back to the buffet at least two more times getting fuller and fuller (I highly recommend NOT wearing a girdle to a desert buffet by the way). We then spent another little while trying to flag down someone to order some sparkling mineral water (I don’t drink anything really except tea and water – sparkling water is my fancy drink). This is where things got weird. I was asked if I wanted a small or large bottle. I ordered a large but once both our glasses were filled it was taken away….still half full and we never saw it again. We were however charged the TEN DOLLARS!!!! For the privilege.

The verdict: I would definitely go again, slow (or almost non existent) service doesn’t bug me too much. We were there for over two and a half hours and were not hassled to leave at all. Which meant we could rest our stomachs in between each visit to the buffet. All the food was beautiful, yummy and well presented. The lady working the pancake/waffle/ice cream stand was a doll and was genuinely pleased to serve us. I would have liked to have seen more finger sandwiches at the start as well as on the buffet (but I am a savoury girl at heart) but when it comes to value for money I think we got it. It also seemed quite relaxed  – so while we were both quite dressed up, I would happily take my girls there even if they were in jeans. Overall it’s a winner – I just would advise if purchasing a drink asking for it to be kept on the table.

Today also knocked #6 off my 30 by 30 list! One down, twenty-nine to go!

So – what does one wear to high tea? In my humble opinion – a pretty frock, vintage gloves, pearls and something in your hair. This is pretty much exactly what I wore

The only thing I forgot was my pearls!

After high tea was shopping – new Leona Edmiston Vintage Stockings and some French Earl Grey leaf tea from T2 and then a train ride home (before the rowdy/drunk crowds leaving the football) with Blink 182’s new album. All in all, a wonderful day.



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