My Top Five Beauty Products

I have always tried to look after my skin (as long as I have been in a position to over rule my mother and grandmothers ideas which was to roll me in oil and bake my extremely pale self in the sun until I burn to a crisp, peel, end up white again and repeat until I end up with skin cancer) but it has taken me 29 years to finally figure out what works for my skin. I often got so caught up in what everyone else did that I frequently treated my skin as the enemy. I tried scrubbing it within an inch of its life to get rid of oil and pimples only to have more oil and pimples. I tried almost every face mask I could get my hands on thinking the heavier duty it was, the better my skin would feel. In the end it turns out that the gently does it approach has worked so much better. So without further ado here are my top five must have, can’t live without beauty products.

1. Sunscreen
I am pale, have red hair and freckles. I have never tanned. I burn, peel and go back to being pale. Both my parents and my grandmother on my mums side all tan. They very much believed in a “healthy glow” which was forver out of my reach. As soon as I was old enough to say NO MORE BAKING, sunscreen became my best friend. WHile I can’t go back in time and undo all the possible damage made by persistant sunburn as a girl, I can do everything in my power to stop any further damage. I have yet to find a brand I love and I do hate wearing it on my face as I find it really oily, BUT i try to never leave the house without it. We buy it in bulk as all four of our girls are pale and they aren’t allowed out of the house without it.

2. Dermalogica Microexfolliant/Gentle Cream Exfoliant
I have always, always loved a good scrub. I love a baby soft face. Until a few years ago I still suffered badly from really oily skin and acne. But then, almost overnight, I got adult skin. All of a sudden my skin was sensitive. If I scrubbed it, it went dry, patchy and then super oily. Six months ago I discovered this super gentle exfoliating combo that leaves my skin baby soft, yet never dry. I use the daily microfolliant 6 days a week (once a day) and the other day I use the Cream exfolliant. It is similar to a face mask – you spread it on thinly and leave it for a ten to fifteen minutes. This combination leaves my skin super clean and sot without any redness, drying or flaking.

3. Rosehip Oil
After a tip on the vogue forums I discovered the wonders of Rosehip oil. I was worried that my skin would turn into an oil slick – but instead I end up with rosey, glowing plump skin. I use it at night – four – five drops mixed in with my moisturiser at night. It turns my light every day moisturiser into a nice rich (but not heavy) night cream. It hydrates the skin, it makes it glow and I swear it even helps the appearance of my pores. My preference is Trilogy’s certified organic rosehip oil.

4. Coconut Oil
Oh the miracle that is coconut oil. It has a million uses and I have used it for everything from killing lice (you know your homeschooled kids are “socialised” when they get lice outside of school!) to cooking. But when it comes to beauty it has a million uses. I use  pure, organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. It is in a solid form below 24 degrees. It keeps best in a cool dark place as if it melts and solidifies repeatedly I fid it gets grainy. I buy it from my local health store at $6.95 a jar….just bewaere that it flies off the shelf and you may have to wait for it to come in again. My top three applications are as follows.
1. Hair Mask
2. Make up remover/Deep Oil Cleansing
3. Leg Moisturiser after shaving

5. Bloom Aromatherapy Lipbalm
I absolutely hate chapped lips. In blurstery Melbourne I found my lips were constantly dry. I have tried pretty much every lipbalm on the market prior to discovering this gem. Grapefruit is my favourite flavour/scent. I keep one in my handbag, one in my bathroom and another in my bedside table.

So what about you? What beauty products could you absolutely not live without?



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