#23 and #11

I feel like I am slowly making my way through my 30 by 30 list.

Last weekend was #11 – Attend a Speed Friending Event. Which I was very, very, very excited (and nervous) about. Of course the night before I didn’t sleep at all, I had gastro and felt like I had a migraine coming on. So this is the first one on the list I officially failed. There are no more events this year (according to the website) and the business is not returning my phone calls, emails or tweets…so my guess is I won’t actually get to do this at all. Bear in mind I have not asked for a refund or even a transfer of my ticket – I have just been trying to find out when the next event was. I really hate not getting a response from a business 😦

#23 on the list is Learn Flower Arranging Basics. I got really lucky on this one as it popped up at a significant discount on one of the (way too many) group deal sites I am a member of. So Today I headed off to “A Floral Experience” workshop on how to tie a bunch. The lady who runs the workshops is so lovely (even picking me up from the closest station after public transport was an issue with the venue). She really loved flowers and I loved the ice breaker – which was to tell everyone your earliest floral memory. Mine is walking up the steps to my Great Nan & Pop’s house with a gardenia bush on either side. The second I smell gardenias I am right back there walking up those steps. She then explained a bit about what different flowers symbolise, how to choose colours and flowers that will look good together, how to easily clean the flower stems and then demonstrated how to actually start to create your bunch.

Everyone except me seemed to get it right first time. I tried and then pulled it apart and started again…and it had to be pulled apart yet again as I still hadn’t done it right! So basically I suck. Once we finished out bunches she showed us how to wrap them nicely. While mine was no where near as nice as others, I really enjoyed the day. I went for two reasons: 1. To try something new and 2. To meet new people. It was definitely a new experience and I actually met new people. I am planning on meeting up with the person who runs it as well as exchanging emails and phone numbers with another girl at the workshop – so YAY.

Unfortunately using some floppy flowers, arranging in the heat and spending an hour and a half on public transport they became less and less happy. They have revived a little in water, but some of the flowers had been squished (trying to juggle bags and flowers and I may have shoved the flowers under my arm without thinking!). But hey, I tried something new. I actually would like to go to the next course – Arranging a Vase.



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