A little break.

Recently friends of ours (another homeschooling family) moved out of the city and out to the country. A little property near Bendigo. After they moved and settled in they invited us out to visit for a mini break. So off on a vline we went on Tuesday. The trip there was pretty easy (apart from being asked every five minutes if we were almost there) and we just had to sms them when we got in to come and get us. Of course when we arrived we had absolutely no phone reception at all. Thankfully there was a pay phone and after a few tries (and 35 minutes) we were on our way again.

The house was pretty much everything I would want in a place. I would love to move out of the city (but still close enough that I could be in the city by vline in an hour…I could never be too far away from all those shops) onto a small property where I could finally own a horse and have a vege patch (even if I am delusional about the fact that I hate spiders and snakes and would probably kill everything I tried to plant). It was a really lovely place to stay.

The kids all had a great time playing outside and we even gave them permission to take a walk before we woke up in the morning. Miss 10 was all over that with her binoculars and her field guide to Australian Birds. They even saw kangaroos each morning and evening (though where do they go through the day???). They also went a bit over board on the “unlimited electronics time” because we were on holiday, and they don’t have any electronic restrictions on their boys. At home they each only get 2 hours a week…yup we are that strict! With exceptions made if it is educational.

On the very last day of our stay I was taken to a falling down relic of a house. The very first building in their small town. The mum wanted to take some photos of it before it was restored (awesome news that they are restoring it rather than tearing it down). I told many a tale of me breaking into run down venues with clients (those who trusted me enough with their photos, and their lives!) and helped her out with some photography advice. I took my iphone in case I got the urge to take some pictures too. Last April was the last time I picked up a camera. As I was giving advice I found myself getting caught up and started actually trying to take some decent photos – even if I just had my iphone. I took over 150 images. As soon as we got home I reinstalled photoshop (which hasn’t even been used on this computer). I was desperate to look at them and then I had to edit them. I needed to reinstall my favourite actions and play.

Photography was my life. I always had my camera with me. It was so much apart of me it felt like the end of my arm. Until that moment I had no desire to use a camera. I felt like, in that moment, I had found a part of myself I lost last year. And if I could find that…could I find the rest of me? Is it just there waiting to be found?

While they are not the most amazing images I have ever taken, they represent something so important to me.

so now I am on the hunt for a “real” camera. One I can be confident of the results. I knew my camera inside and out. I knew exactly what would happen in any given situation. So I need to find that again. A partner in crime. Something to help me discover where the rest of me went.



2 thoughts on “A little break.

  1. Those photos are stunning, I can’t believe you took them with an iphone! You should definitely get back into photography…

    Sounds like a lovely break!

  2. Thanks Honey! I am really missing it since that day. And that’s just still life. My passion has always been people photography. God help me when I get a taste of that!!!

    Now if I make a fortune on my clothes (doubtful) I might actually be able to afford a new camera!

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