The Clean Out

It’s time. Time to let go of something I might never be again. I am currently a size 22. In my wardrobe I had clothes as small as a size 12. Sitting there taunting me. Every day I have to dig through masses of clothes that don’t fit me just to find something that will. Today I had enough.

First I went to the garage and bought in all the clothes that I had been “saving” in storage. Our of two giant “stripey bags” (you know the ones) just ten special items we put back in storage. I can’t bear to part with them yet….but the rest is gone. After that was the items in the wardrobe. Anything that didn’t fit was either put in the ebay pile or salvos. There is still a handful of items I have to try on, and a few things that need repairing…but now every single piece in my cupboard fits me and looks good.

I also pulled out all the shoes I am never going to wear. The fluro yellow converse I bought online thinking they were more mustard coloured through to the beautiful satin covered peep toe heels – both completely unworn, the latter five years old! I can’t wear heels and while I love converse (and own 5 pairs) the fluro yellow will never be worn. I have at least 13 pairs to put on ebay and another few pairs are making their way to the salvos.

Now that it’s done – there are some glaring holes in my wardrobe. I no longer have a single pair of jeans that fit me, no pants and no shorts. I still need more underwear. I need a white blouse. A new winter coat. A black pencil skirt. I am even lacking in pj’s!

It will be easier to buy a new pair of jeans now, without feeling guilty about the ten pairs I already had (even though none of them fit).

Now to find the energy to list around 100 pieces on ebay!!!



2 thoughts on “The Clean Out

  1. Awesome… I love those productive moods, when you feel like you can make changes and do something for yourself. Can I steal some of your motivation? I think I need it at the moment…lol

  2. Thanks lovely Lisa – you’re welcome to my (tiny little bits) of motivation any time! I even baked today – not just scones for the cup tomorrow, but 3 types of mini quiches for dinners/lunch for the week. Of course with 8 people in the house they won’t last long, but hey it made me feel even more productive.

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