Finding Friends…in the computer age

I feel like I have come along way from the girl who would never go anywhere I didn’t know someone. I have tried flower arranging and forum meet ups and was even registered for speed friending (still peeved the company has yet to respond to any of my phone calls, tweets or emails grrr) but wasn’t able to go last minute. Tomorrow I am off to the races with a girl I met on the forums and am really excited about it (speaking of which I need to paint my nails before I forget…).

BUT I still haven’t met as many people as I would like. So last night I decided to post a personals ad for friendships (female – while I have always had male friends, I really just want some girl friends). It was surprisingly easy to do, was free and plenty of other people were doing the same thing.

I decided not to hold back and went on about how much I love everything 40’s and 50’s, my obsession with Audrey Hepburn and my fondness for musicals, jazz clubs and burlesque. Why not? I want friends who like the same things as me. I want a friend I can go to a jazz club with, who I can see a burlesque show with, who will not just understand, but love me when I show up in victory rolls. People who don’t like it can just ignore the ad – right?

Oh how wrong I was. It has been up 24 hours now in two places. The first place I have received  13 14 male responses all wanting…well, sex. The other place I have received 2…the same thing. I also received two lovely female responses and am meeting someone for coffee on the weekend.

But what truly blew me away was some dude – in his 60’s (he said he was born in the 50’s) taking the time out of his day to tell me the reason I am lonely is I clearly have no identity of my own (because I love Audrey Hepburn & Joan Holloway Harris) and that if I started living in the present, and not in costume (not once did I say I wear 50’s attire – and even if I did, I am not quite sure why it’s his business) and that if I wanted to talk with him and find out whats really wrong with me I should just email him.

I guess I have never really gotten it. I don’t understand why someone would take time out of their day to send off stuff like that. Does he surf the net all day looking for people to “save”? Am I missing something? Part of me would like to respond – just out of morbid curiosity, but then I would be revealing my email address (they contact me through the site – but it goes to my email and from then on I can only email back) and I am most definitely NOT doing that.

On the flip side – the people who did contact me have the same interests I do – which is exciting. And by going out there and stating what I love I stand a better chance at meeting people who do get it.

Enough ranting for now – I must put the finishing touches on and get some beauty sleep for the Cup tomorrow…..please don’t let it rain!



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