Melbourne Cup

On Tuesday I headed off with a friend to the Cup. We got there nice and early with our picnic gear and ended up with a nice spot just at the finish line. As per usual I over catered – for just the two of us I bought around 10 sandwiches, scones (with two types of jam and cream) and 6 mini quiches…and of course my friend also came with yummy food.We also steered clear of alcohol (we may have been the only two) preferring our bubbles to come in the sparkling water form.

My lovely friend was on an incredible winning streak and part of me wanted to take her advice on betting, but instead stuck to my ritual $1 each way on one horse on the Cup race only.

Gambling is something I just don’t get. I remember being taken to the casino with a friend not long after we moved to Melbourne. She wanted to play the pokies. I thought I was going to have a panic attack just thinking about it. For awhile there mum put all our rent and food money into the pokies and she never won a single thing. It wasn’t much fun. Part of me was terrified I would be just like her…but after a little coaxing from my friend I had $5 turned into 20cent pieces and had a go. After around $1.20 I decided to take my remaining money and spend it on a drink instead of feeding it to this machine. I found it incredibly boring and thankfully I was able to enjoy my $2 bet every year on the cup as my one and only gambling “addiction”.

I had so much fun preparing for the cup – as I rarely have a chance to get dressed up. I purchased my dress awhile back in the hope of going, but hadn’t made any plans at the time. I picked one of the million hats I already owned and stuck to flats as I can’t wear heels without wanting to hack off my feet because I know it will be less painful walking on bloody stumps. The only thing that was bought new was my dress for budgetary reasons.

Of course part of me wonders why I even bothered as apparently 16in stiletto boots and a rectangle piece of fabric that barely covers your vagina is what most “ladies” are wearing to the races these days. I expected people to get sloppy toward the end of the day, but so many people were trashed by 10:30am. The “ladies” in front of us acted appallingly with two of them taking to sticking the camera up their dress and photographing their nether regions then proceeding to show the images to everyone who would look. Perhaps I am just too old fashioned. But aren’t there suppose to be guidelines for what to wear to the cup? I read a bunch of them to make sure I wouldn’t be making any fashion faux pas. Even on a budget it can be done nicely. While I was hardly the most fashionable lady there – I think I did a decent job of being a LADY. But again, maybe I am just too old fashioned.

While I have decided against posting pictures of myself – as I am trying to keep this blog slightly anonymous (so I can’t rant like a crazy woman without hurting peoples feelings) this was my outfit for the day.

A big thank you to my lovely companion for the day – good company & good food was probably the highlight of the day!

Where did everyone else find themselves on cup day? Did you win anything?





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