And….moving on

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read all about home ed. It may not be for everyone, but at least I hope I have done my part to help realise it is a valid and legal choice to make (yes I do use that phrase a fair bit…probably because I have been questioned on both those points even more than the “what about socialisation?”). Now I am moving on to my clean out.

I am in the  process of listing a whole mess of stuff on ebay including some of my favourite Leona Edmiston dresses (that I have since become to big to wear), 13 pairs of shoes, some hats, coats, ASOS items, belts and who knows what else. All clothing items are between a 12 and 18/20 and shoes are a medium/wide size 8. All these items I am hoping to sell to help pay for bills, Christmas, money for me to buy myself a birthday present and Books and school supplies for next year. (even though I would much rather it was going on a trip to Paris for myself or something!).

I hope that everything will be listed by Monday at the latest. It is a new account to go along with my new user name “project:girl” but if you are interested in buying and want to see my previous seller feedback leave a comment asking and I will email you a link).

So please visit My eBay account and buy yourself something pretty.



6 thoughts on “And….moving on

  1. thanks Lisa – I have only left two pairs of heels because I can’t bear to part with them as I just can’t wear heels *cry*. So even though I swear I learnt to walk in heels, I just can’t stand the feet pain. *cry*

  2. I really enjoyed reading your home education posts – it’s not something I really knew much about before (I’ve never known someone who was homeschooled) and I found it interesting to see the different methods and how your girls are having such great experiences through it. For some people, I can see how it would be a far better option than traditional schooling.

    I love your shoes, pity they’re a size too small! I’ll have to check out your clothes once you list them, though.

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the posts. Up until May last year I knew nothing about homeschooling either. Even when it seemed so right and we were making the decision I was still worried it wouldn’t work and I would have to send them back to school. But we just renewed our home ed registration form and planning for next year.

      Finally have ebay kinks sorted out so clothes and the rest of my shoes should be going up tomorrow.

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