The eBaying Continues

I forgot how time consuming and painful it can be to list stuff on eBay…I am seriously over it (and I still have 20-30 items to go). More and more items are being thrown into the salvos bag as I get more annoyed with it. Especially when I login and it takes me straight back to the login page….over and over and over again in firefox  which means I switch to using ie makes me even more crazy!

But I am getting there. It’s sad to part with items I loved so much but keeping all these clothes in a size I might never be again is pointless.

It is also frustrating that I have listed over 40 items and only half of them are showing up at the moment if you go to my projectgirl ebay account. If you are looking for clothes (and not shoes) they are going to be showing up soon (I hope) and remember all funds go to giving my kids a kick ass Christmas (after a really shitty year), keeping my electricity on, buying books for our 2012 school year and if it really goes well, hell I might even buy myself a present.

Ebaying got so frustrating yesterday the “fun” alternative to that was to go through my bookshelves and enter all our books into a spreadsheet. Why you might ask (apart from the fact I am a total geek)? Well now we have well over 300 books I can’t keep track of them all. Four times this year I have purchased a book we already have. With making our plans for the 2012 school year we also need to know what books we need to buy to go with our history/science/english curriculum. The girls have also asked for literally hundreds of books for christmas…a fair few of them are continuations of series we already have and again to avoid duplicates, and to know exactly what books to buy, I had to start a master list.

I have also decided the awesomeness that is a master document with our books has another handy feature….knowing which books we have lent out/what ones are missing (for example which ones are stuffed inside someones pillow case or at the bottom of their cupboard). One of the fabulous things about homeschoolers is their libraries and their generosity in sharing those libraries. As so many people have lent items to me (including a huge stack of native American myths & legends from a former New York Teacher), I very much try to pay it forward…but with the medication I am on, my once fantastic memory is shot to hell. I know I lent out my “Little Big Minds” book (teaching philosophy to kids) and maybe some latin curriculum for someone to look at….but have no idea who or when.

I guess I have procrastinated long enough…time to get back to it.



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