ebay hates me!

When I started listing stuff through ebay I got to item #6 and then my account was suspended as apparently I had an old account that had unpaid fees attached to it. It took forever to sort it out and then I continued listing.

Then whenever I tried to sign in it would take me right back to the sign in page. That took 3 days before it would let me sign in. Then I tried to continue to list.

After listing a batch of items once again it wouldn’t let me sign in. I switched to internet explorer *shudder* and attempted to continue – except when it got to uploading an image ie would freeze on me. Sometimes taking 4-5 goes.

Today I wake up (expecting a bunch of items to be sold) and they have suspended all of my current listings (sorry to anyone who had actually bid on any of them) as paypal didn’t have my home address. No warning. No chance to fix it before it happened and no way to just relist my items once the suspension has been lifted (which will take at least 3 days for paypal to verify my home address) and even once paypal has confirmed that it will take another few days for ebay to “review and let me appeal” the decision.

I totally understand that they need to protect the community and try to avoid fraud…but couldn’t they have given me a chance before deleting all my hard work? I now literally need to go through, piece by piece and relist – assuming they get around to lifting the suspension. It took me hours to list just a few pieces and as I get overwhelmed and tired really easily it could take me weeks. It is just so frustrating!

so if anyone was bidding on an item that disappeared you have my sincere apologies and if I manage to get everything listed again I will post here to let you know.




2 thoughts on “ebay hates me!

  1. Argh, I hate ebay. and their customer service is useless. This once happened to me too (all listings suspended) for some stupid reason with no warning! Unfortunately as they’re a monopoly, they seem to be able to do as they please. I tried supporting Quicksales for 2+years but it was wasted in the end – no bargains as a buyer, very slow and low sales as a seller.

  2. Thanks hun – it is also frustrating as every response I get shows that clearly they haven’t read what I have written and so I end up having to say the same thing three times over and with each response taking more than 24 hours I think I am going insane!

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