Today I got my first “Bellabox” in the mail. I was intrigued when I first heard about it, but had missed out on Octobers offering. I also got a Bella Bag on Cup day filled with a few goodies for me to try (but for next year my advice would be sunscreen as I completely forget and burned).

The premise is this: You sign up ($15 per month) and each month you get a new box with 5-6 items in it. Most are samples, with one full sized product. It gets sent straight to your door and if you like something then you can go to their site and buy the full version.

I have been reading some of the tweets today and first up I have to say I admire a company that responds to both the good and the bad. By responding to the bad it is easy for someone to click through and read the “bad review”. But they are active in talking to their clients and wanting to make the service better.

The bad seems to be people who are unhappy with the products that they received – the lip colour didn’t suit them or they didn’t like the samples ect. Ok I guess it would be disappointing to open up your box and not find something you like. But to me this is the whole point – trying new things. I don’t often get out to department stores and even when I do I never know which counters to go to or what products to try. I might never have tried an antiwrinkle cream (I drink lots of water, stay out of the sun and don’t smoke…so I don’t really have any wrinkles) but what if it ends up being my holy grail product. I also have no idea what BB cream is … I have heard other beauty bloggers talk about it, but have yet to wrap my head around what it actually is. Now I can try it.

Yes I also got the bright pink lip tar, no it didn’t suit me. Does that mean this is a failure? Not in my book…because I tried it. I would never have picked out a bright pink (almost magenta) coloured lipstick. I imagine quite a few people were thinking the same thing….but what happens when a bunch try it and love it? How awesome would that be. As for me, I can always give it to someone else. I am really looking forward to trialling every single product. To me it is well worth the $15 I paid even if I discover none of it is for me. I think a lot of people maybe have unrealistic expectations from it. If you don’t want a handful of beauty samples delivered to your door with no idea what they are before hand…maybe this isn’t for you. If you are not sure what products you want to try, like to be surprised and are happy to pay for someone else to pick them out and deliver them to you – the I think this is a winner.

Now as a former small business owner (who was obsessed with all things marketing related) I find the whole idea igneous. Anyone can start an online store. But what a way to set you apart. The get your customers trailing things they may never have thought about buying before. As the owner has admitted on twitter – she makes almost nothing from the boxes and really that doesn’t surprise me. Once you take into account the beautiful packaging, the postage and then the samples + one full sized product, I would think they might be loosing money! But when your customers are reminded you exist every month with new samples that could entice them to buy things they have never purchased before…well I wish I could have bounced ideas of this chick when I was in business.

As I have already tweeted to the company – I really hope they come out with a Bellabox Jrn. My eldest daughter is just coming into the world of make up and beauty. This is something she could afford with her pocket money and I know she would be thrilled to get her delivery each month and I would be happy for her to have it if it was age appropriate beauty items.

No one asked me to post about this, i don’t get paid or get any additional free samples. I just loved the idea and my thoughts were too long to tweet.



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