Christmas Present

Christmas Now is a whole new kettle of fish.We recently realised not only could we have a completely awesome laid back super Christmas without our family….I don’t need to cook the same things everyone else likes!

This Christmas it will be us. Plus the room mate – he is awesome and now he is part of our little newly created family. I am also pretty sure my little brother (who lives with us) and his girlfriend (who also lives with us) will be here.

We have added a new tradition this year (from Martha Stewart Living – I am an addict) is an advent calendar….not the ones with chocolates from the shops – but a little present to open every day from December 1st to Christmas eve. We also have had a tradition of opening one present on Christmas eve which is usually a pair of new pjs and a book to read in bed. This is being incorporated into the advent calendar with the pjs & book being the final present.We also started making a gingerbread house together the last few years each one getting more elaborate – I can’t wait to see how this years turns out.

We have simplified our menu a bit and I have asked everyone in the house to contribute one dish. I think this is something the girls will really enjoy. They all love cooking and baking and there is a lot of pride in your dish taking pride of place on the table. I have been asked to make my chocolate pavlova again. My mum was known for her very traditional pav, I am getting known for my chocolate one and for my red velvet cupcakes (instead of creamcheese frosting I make 7 minute frosting, also known as marshmallow frosting).

The room mate will head over on xmas eve and will help us finish wrapping and have a few drinks with the girls dad. We will all fall in bed in a heap around midnight after finalising everything.

The girls will be up no later than 5:30am and we will all head out to the lounge room and find our place around the tree. The girls will then rip through their santa stockings. The we will go through and open every single present under the tree (last year that number was close to 150!). This year they have all asked for so many books that will be the majority of gifts. Our eldest has asked for a vintage sewing basket and some needles and thread. Our middle child has asked for a tool box and a power drill. The twinnies have asked for a big doll house. Their lists are always ridiculous and over the top, but their real requests, the things they ask for over and over in the lead up to Christmas are so minimal that we could never turn them down. They will be thrilled with everything they open, as they always are such happy, surprisingly unspoilt children (given how much we go overboard on Christmas).

The girls father will be thrilled with his presents as will the room mate. I love tracking down and finding presents that the receiver will be thrilled with. I will love the weird and random presents the girls get me (which in the past has been everything from army men to fluffy slippers). But more than anything I will be so happy to watch my children be happy and be grateful that I get to have a wonderful Christmas with my family.

Once the presents are opened – yup pancakes & ice cream time. Then the kids will read and play. The boys will assemble the doll houses or bikes or whatever else needs “man work”. We will all still be in our jammies (except the room mate that always wears his long black leather coat regardless of how hot it is….he is like a cartoon character I swear!) at lunch when things will be put out for people to help themselves. The girls will laugh manically when popping the Christmas crackers. We will wear our paper crowns and laugh at the lame jokes inside. We will eat too much turkey and I will probably have a nap. Dinner will be more of the stuff we had for lunch. The boys will have a few drinks (whenever the room mate comes over they have their weird concoction of energy drinks and vodka) and the wii will be played. We may play a game of monopoly. It will be laid back. Everyone will be merry (not drunk).

At the end of the day my girls will all pass out from sheer exhaustion. We will go together and look in on them sleeping and realise how truly lucky we are to have beautiful, amazing, kind, special, lovely children. I will kiss them each on the forehead and pull the covers up. It is especially awkward as they have bunks…but I climb right on up there.

It doesn’t matter that we aren’t “together” as a couple, we are together as parents. We both love our girls fiercely and we both know that they need both of us in their lives.

After all of that I will collapse in a heap and sleep solidly, possibly for the first time in months and I will be happy, possibly for the first time in months.



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