Christmas Future

Note: I am going to completely ignore my fears here. We have always said we will do Christmas together regardless of other relationships. So I am going to take him at his word … at least in this daydream.

Christmas future. If my great grandparents and great great grandparents are anything to go by, I could live to 101! So lots of Christmases to come. And for someone who (all to recently) no longer wanted to live, I am looking forward to every single one of them.

I would like to see the advent tradition continues all the way down to my grand kids. I hope the room mate finally finds a nice girl and she becomes part of our family. I hope that my brother and his girlfriend give me lots of nieces and nephews. I hope that as the girls get older they want to participate more in the preparations. I dread them finding out santa is us. I hope they give me lots of grand kids. My walls will be filled with portraits of my family. I want to see what they do with their lives.  I hope they all love pancakes and ice cream for breakfast.

I look forward to watching them grow into amazing women and being joined by partners and hopefully millions of grandchildren that I will love just as fiercely as my girls. I hope that where ever they are in the world they will trek “home” (which will hopefully be a nice big house in the country with vege gardens and I will finally have my own pony) for us to spend Christmas together. When they ask to have it at their house I will be there in a heartbeat.

I imagine the days before Christmas my girls trickling in with partners and beautiful grand children. I imagine a busy bustling house on Christmas eve…people sleeping everywhere. Wrapping presents with my girls for their children.Sitting down to a cup of tea after it all to hear about their lives before collapsing in a heap and sleeping.

The morning excited children will wake me up. I can’t decide if it will be more awesome for my girls to bring me weird trinkets from around the world following traditions from when they were little, or if they will search for the perfect present. Santa stockings will be opened. Presents will be exchanged. Then we will all have pancakes and ice cream for breakfast.

Toys will be assembled, whatever the current Nintendo system is will be played as well as monopoly. Kids will play, adults will chat. Lunch will be put out and people will help themselves. We will eat too much, wear paper hats and laugh at the lame jokes from the crackers that the kids think are awesome. We will eat the same things for dinner.

We will tuck our grand kids into bed and kiss our girls on the foreheads and tell them how much we love them and how much happiness they have brought to our lives.Then I will collapse into a heap and sleep soundly with a big smile on my face.

I can’t wait!



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