24 More Sleeps til Christmas!!!

Bring on the insanity!

Today we start our advent project. Instead of the cheapo chocolate advent calendars the girls normally get we have shopped and hunted for a little present for them each day.

I would say more than half our shopping has been done and our Christmas menu Planned.

This weekend our real tree from Oxfam arrives, we have the twins 8th birthday party and finally my Brother arrives from Canberra (assuming he doesn’t crash his motorbike again…like he already has twice this year!). It just gets busier each week from there.



2 thoughts on “24 More Sleeps til Christmas!!!

  1. I forgot to order! I put a bunch of stuff in my cart, went off to do something and forgot about it for days…then it was too late *cry* but next year I am buying my MIL a nose fixer 😛

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