Two Weeks On

Two weeks ago I walked out of my Doctors office with a script to lower my last remaining medication. A medication that leaves me zoned/spaced most of the time, that destroys my memory and has left me pretty much bedridden since starting. Not to mention going from a size 14 to a 22. When I started the lower dose I had reached 102 kilos.

So how am I doing? WONDERFUL! I am still not sleeping the best, but am sleeping better. I am out and about more. I shower and get dressed. I have been able to play with my girls and my memory is slowly returning and the fog is lifting. I have been able to read and plan. Not only that – I am eating the same way and I have lost 3kgs. I am back in the double digits – WOOT!

I was told I could have a psycotic break and end up back in hospital – that didn’t even remotely happen (apart from one minor panic attack in Target while xmas shopping….but let’s face it, who wouldn’t 14 days before xmas). I was told I could get sick, headachey or even have a fever. So far absolutely zero withdrawal symptoms.

So in January I will be revisiting my GP and if everything is still going well we will step down again.



4 thoughts on “Two Weeks On

    • Thanks Lisa – I couldn’t do it without his support…I doubt I would still be alive without his amazing support (including giving me his personal email address and calling the girls dad to see how he was going when he found out I was in hospital). It doesn’t matter how crowded his waiting room is he will sit and talk as much as needed (which means in the past I have waited up to 3 hours past my appointment time). He also specialises in the more downtrodden members of society – drug addicts and people with a mental illness. He was also an amazing support when we were first realising our daughter had aspergers (a form of autism). I could sing his praises all day long!

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