Enough with the whining, school talk and bipolar crap. Lets get onto what this “username” was originally created for.

Just over a two years ago a really girly girl friend came to visit. I whined about how I wish I could look as lovely as she did everyday. Perfect hair, perfect make up and such a stylish dresser. A natural born girl. She looked straight at me and put me totally in my place. I could be a “girl” if I wanted and she would help me.

The first excuse I used was that I was too “fat” to wear pretty things. I was only a size 14 at the time. She smacked me down there (again) when she sent me to the “Frocks & Frou Frou” Blog. She was bigger than me and so pretty! She was beautifully dressed – cute, fun and lots of frou frou. I was inspired.

The second excuse was that I was a busy working mum with 4 kids – jeans were practical. Again the smack down – she managed to do my job in dresses. Granted she didn’t have kids, but dresses and kids work fine for me. Throw on some stockings or 3/4 tights and you are safe from flashing.

The third excuse was that people looked down on me when I shopped. So she dragged me into stores I avoided and most shop assistants were lovely. I even purchased a pencil skirt from ojay and a cardigan from Veronika Maine. No one battered an eye lid.

So there I was out of excuses and very, very interested in finding out how to be a girl. She then recommended the vogue forums. So I found myself in the same conundrum everyone finds themselves in….what user name to use. And project:girl was born.

So it all started with a kick up the bum and a pencil skirt. Fast forward two years and here I am….still struggling. I own a lot of dresses. I attended a vintage hair & make up workshop. I even own a girdle. (Oh and I love it by the way….vintage undergarments ROCK).

But there is still lots I struggle with. First up: my hair.

My hair has always been frizzy and borderline unmanageable. It was always quite long as cutting it short just makes it poufier (not sure that’s a word). So for the past 20 years I have almost exclusively worn a ponytail or bun. I can’t stand to have hair in my face (why I got a blunt fringe not once, but twice is beyond me). I have tried dressing it up with various headbands and I love hats. But still I struggle. For years I attempted to straighten it – but my hair is so freakin thick it takes forever and dries out the ends.

I am finally trying to embrace my hair – in all its frizzy glory. I have found that sunsilks anti frizz shampoo & conditioner do help so MUCH. I then use a small amount of Mop C-System straightening cream rubbed through towel dried hair. I also do a hair mask once a week – virgin organic coconut oil rubbed into dry hair and left overnight. It doesn’t make my hair miraculously not frizzy….but it has made it so much better.

As I am getting my energy back I am able to attempt new things. it was 7 months ago that I attended the “Lindy Charm School for Girls” workshop and learnt how to pin curl my hair, wear red lipstick and do a few other bits and pieces and I have only just now had the energy to attempt to pin curl my entire hair. I sit here looking ravishing in a head scarf and head of pincurls. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out tomorrow.

Second issue I have is make up.

My mum never wore makeup…ever. She lived in jeans and oversized t-shirts and kept her hair in a pony tail. So I had to learn make up from my grandma….a stage actress. She gave me my first foundation….orange pancake. As someone who is ridiculously pale – I looked ridiculous. I gave up on foundations years ago as I could never find one pale enough. Then I had large pores and I couldn’t find one that didn’t pool in them. I also had super oily skin, acne and no way of knowing how to fix it. Remember I grew up without the internet. Dolly magazines and friends (and my stage actress grandma) was all I had.

After a recommendation from the Lindy Charm School girls – I grabbed a max factor pancake….this time in a shade appropriate for my skin. BINGO! Finally mat skin, decent coverage and no pooling. But I still longed to learn how to use a liquid foundation. After much reading I decided to try Laura Mercier. I went in to the counter and everything – but the chick was HOPELESS! She applied the “Oil Free Foundation” in Blush Ivory and sent me on my way. She gave me a pot  It looked ok but within 45 minutes it was sliding everywhere. It pooled badly in my pores and was so shiny. I walked around all day like that. Cursing the foundation I let my little pot sit there for around 8 weeks til tonight I decided to get it out and try it again. SUCCESS!!!! The trick seemed to be using a primer (I used Benefits “porefessional” as it seems to work wonders on my large pores), then putting on the foundation with a brush and setting it with powder. I left it on for around 3 hours – no shine, no pooling and no slipping. It does however make me so incredibly pale (think Angel in the first season of Buffy) that I looked dead. I am going to try it again tomorrow in the daylight. Maybe I put it on too thickly or it just looks weird in the light. But the finish….it looked so pretty. I got out my magnifying mirror to really investigate the pore situation and SO. MUCH.BETTER!!!

I am also going to book myself in to my optometrist for just after xmas to get contacts. Not that I am giving up glasses…I just can’t put eye make up on without my glasses….or with my glasses – so I don’t tend to wear any eye make up.

With contacts and less medication (which seems to be reducing my hand tremors) and maybe this make up course for my birthday – maybe I will be able to finally work out this make up thing and get closer to being a girl.



2 thoughts on “project:girl

  1. I love your girlfriend and how she smacked down your excuses.

    I have a few of your problems (inability to apply makeup or do hair) and I still view myself as feminine…. just time poor and perhaps a little lazy.

    Like you, I am improving. Slowly but surely. And a makeup course is on my 30 before 30 list!

    • I know – she really did smack down every single one of my excuses. In return I taught her everything I knew about business and photography. Fair trade.

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