Merry Christmas

Is anyone else in disbelief that it is Christmas Eve? This year has just flown by and in just a few more days the year will be over.

This year we just feel more organised than ever. Thanks to my ebay sell off I was able to get so many presents out of the way earlier than usual. We had most of the presents and most of our Christmas meat done 2-3 weeks ago. Yesterday we went out first thing in the morning and grabbed the rest of the groceries, stuff for santa stockings and the last few gifts.

The girls have also officially been spoilt….and they haven’t even opened anything under the tree. For the first time in 19 years my mum is working and sent us 5 giant tough bags filled with presents for the girls. My nana got her inhertiance and sent the girls a book each (the usual present) as well as a small gift, a $20 collins book voucher each, a Museums Victoria Membership and the best present so far – a Year pass to Melbourne Zoos!!!! Even my mother in law (who has bought the girls hooded towels 3 years running) did well with lego for the 3 younger girls and sewing stuff for my eldest. Her mum (who is on a pension and puts most of her money in the pokies) got them some amazing stuff too. My brother (when he was visiting) got them the “Horrible Science” 20 book pack and a subscription to CSIRO’s kids magazines. Knowing what our ex-room mate is getting them as well as the presents currently under the tree and it makes my smile. While our girls are incredibly gracious and are grateful for anything they get, it’s nice to spoil them a little.

Then there is the food. In an attempt to not have to cook for a week we may have gone a touch overboard. We have 6kgs of rolled turkey breast which I stuffed with cranberry & macadamia stuffing, 5kgs of Ham, 4kgs of Pork, 4kgs of roast beef and 3 BBQ chickens. Then we have my updated version of my mums famous potato salad (this year I made my own fresh mayo out of egg yolks left over from the pav’s), my favourite Donna Hay smoked salmon & potato salad with homemade pesto, caprese salad, green salad, cesar salad and as the kids asked I grabbed a coles pasta salad and coleslaw. We will also have a massive fruit & cheese platter, too many dips to list, a traditional pav, a chocolate pav (which is for the boys who don’t like fruit…and has chocolate cream and caramel sauce on top), an apple & blueberry pie, my nans trifle, red velvet cupcakes with marshmallow frosting and as requested by my brother a sera lee chocolate pudding & sticky date pudding.To make it the most awesome Christmas ever (and as I no longer drink alcohol) I am making virgin margaritas and pina coladas.

I don’t expect to get much for Xmas for myself but I want to say a big thank you to the lovely Alyson who totally made my day last week when I opened “Dreaming of Chanel” in the mail. I love it so much and I never get mail that isn’t bills or stuff for the kids. My other awesome Xmas present is my little brother & his girlfriend have found a place and will be moving in a few weeks….FINALLY!!!! YAY!!!!

I am currently running on empty and am completely exhausted and still have more cooking to do before I can (hopefully) have an early night.

I hope each and every one of you have an amazing Christmas/Holiday Season.



4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. As their father said today (after our littlest thanked us for the “most awesome christmas ever”) they are so wonderful they make us (and clearly everyone who knows them) want to spoil them. We can’t do it everyday…but we can save and make sure they have a big wonderful christmas. Hope your having a lovely day too!

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