What a lovely day

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Christmas.

At 6:01am (after being told they couldn’t get us up til 6am) I was woken by 4 girls peering over me and yelling “It’s Christmas!!!!”. Once we got my brother & his girlfriend up and our ex room mate the girls ripped open their santa stockings. Normally the way they tear through presents it is all over in 20 minutes…but if you saw how many there were presents under our tree you would understand how it took more than an hour! (which if you are interested is twice as long as it took for pancakes to be made and eaten for 9 people).

One of my favourite thing about Christmas is seeing how genuinely happy someone is with their present. When they know you paid attention to who they are and what they say and give them a present reflecting that. Our ex room mate loves hats and has been looking for a fez everywhere. When he opened his present (wrapped up in the original packaging with the stamps) he couldn’t believe that not only did we get him the Fez…but it was an authentic Turkish hat all the way from Turkey! Our middle daughters face when she opened up her tools and proceeded to wear her safety goggles for an hour. Our eldest daughter hugging her ipod touch and almost crying (she knows how expensive they are and how much we had to save to get it for her and I know she appreciates it). Our twins faces when they opened their doll house and squealed with delight. Even their father was blown away by the geeky stuff I got him, that he never imagined he would actually get to own. Even though my brother and his girlfriend mainly got house items (they are moving into their own place soon) were happy with a weird PC game I never hear of (him) and a cupcake maker (her).

What about me? As I do 99% of the Christmas shopping and planning my presents always end up being bought at the last minute when it is realised by those around me that I didn’t buy myself anything. This year was totally different! I cleaned up.

I got a pair of Wittner Jayden Heels (tiny chunky heel that I can manage occasionally), Wittner Rum flats in Pink, a set of muppet mini OPI nail polishes, a little OPI mini manuicure set, a tea/cup tea for 1 set, 4 womans weekly cookbooks, Donna Hay Simple Dinners Cookbook, Martha Stewarts Encyclopedia of Crafts (so awesome!) and not 1 but 3 tins of tea (A large French Earl Grey, Large Girlie Grey and a small raspberry rush). I also was given a beautiful selection of handmade presents from the girls that I will treasure even more than shoes. I couldn’t believe how spoiled I was.

Unfortunately (for me) the day took a turn for the worse from there. I started getting a really bad headache so went back to sleep til 11am when I had more food prep to do. I was cranky and tired and more headachey, then I stubbed my toe, then the second I ate anything (no matter what it was) I became so ill I had to go lie down again. But apart from that the day was lovely. The girls were all blissfully happy with their many presents and there was lots of eating, drinking and being merry going on. Now all the girls are tucked up in bed (and probably passing out from exhaustion/sugar coma as it’s the one day a year we let them eat whatever they want) and I think I am going to do the same.

Night to all and I hope you all had a beautiful, wonderful Christmas.



7 thoughts on “What a lovely day

  1. Merry Christmas, looks like a lovely day.

    Holy cr@p that is a LOT of presents under the tree! Everyone was very spoilt, I am glad for once you cleaned up too.

    Sorry to hear you got a headache – I’m sick with some dreadful flu so felt horrible all day too…still managed to enjoy the day though.

    • I know…but almost half of the presents were books. That makes me feel a little better about the excess LOL. Growing up extremely poor though, its nice to be able to go all out at xmas.

      Sorry to hear I wasn’t the only one who felt like crap on xmas day. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Oh this was (mostly) so wonderful to read about – so sorry for the crappy headache, etc.

    Your presents are much deserved, and I am most definitely having tea with you with our many and varied new Christmas teas!!

    So glad the girls had a wonderful haul and day,


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