After a shocking two years I am really hanging all my hopes on this year. If things don’t get better I might just have to purchase a cave somewhere and become even more of a hermit than I already am. But rather than whine about how shit the past two years are here is what I am looking forward to this year….

  1. A quieter house. My brother and his girlfriend are moving out in a few weeks and if there is a god – the girls father will follow not long after. This house is a cute little thing – but pack it full of 4 adults (none working) and 4 kids (none going to school) and it’s too small.
  2. Coming off the rest of my medication. After the havoc it has done to my body and mind, I can’t wait to be med free!
  3. Cooking. I lived on my own from just before 16 years old and I loved to cook. The girls father somehow just took over most of the cooking and while he is a wonderful cook I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and control all the cooking and grocery shopping.
  4. Getting some fitness back. While I refuse to put “lose weight and exercise more” on my list, spending 18 months in bed has done just what you expect to my fitness level. As the sedative is lowered I have a little bit more energy and with that energy I hope to take the kids to the park more and use #5
  5. Buy a push bike. The girls and their dad ride everywhere (we don’t drive or have a car) and I don’t have a bike. I am hoping to get one for my birthday and if not I will save up and get one myself. Then we can bike to the park, taekwondo lessons and the shops.
  6. Sewing. I get my sewing machine back from a friend this week and I am hoping to learn how to make some things for myself. I want to learn to follow a basic pattern and I hope to start with a pencil skirt from some wool I purchased that was left over from Alannah Hill. (you can buy excess brands material here – http://www.clearitonline.com.au/)
  7. Keep on with project:girl. I want to keep trying new hair and make up styles. I want to keep trying to figure out how to dress and maybe even attend a finishing course.

Well that is pretty much the extent of my 2012 plans. What are you hoping to do with the year?



2 thoughts on “2012

  1. Happy new year, I hope 2012 is great for you. I have a good feeling about it 🙂
    I am jealous that you can cook and sew. Sewing is definitely on my list for this year….!

  2. I can sew buttons and sort of take hems up…that’s it so far, but I am determined to learn. As for cooking I was given free range of the kitchen as a kid and never cooked by recipe. That and hovering while my mum cooked (also never from a recipe) so I have had lots of practice but am still quite rusty. But I can bake up a storm.

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