Back to Homeschool!

note: telstra is screwing us so this was written yesterday and only able to be uploaded now. Please let broadband be back soon *cry*

Today marked our first day back at formal book/school work for the year. While those who attend a bricks-and-mortar school are still in the middle of holidays, we jumped head first into lessons this morning.

Apart from one comment (from my eldest, who went to school for almost 6 years before being homeschooled) about not wanting to start school on a public holiday, everyone was thrilled to get back into it. Yup you read that right…thrilled.

Of course the morning did not go according to plan. I asked everyone to be fed, showered and ready for work at the dining table by 9. When I came out at 8:30 they were unloading the dishwasher (their morning chore)…our eldest hadn’t even made it to the kitchen as she became engrossed in her book, one of the twins hadn’t eaten and no one had showered yet. The girls father had offered to print out the maths sheets I needed for today…except he didn’t pay any real attention to my list and printed out a bunch of random things I didn’t need. Of course our printer keeps insisting the toner is all gone (I have printed around 500-600 sheets fine since it apparently ran out of toner) every time you print a sheet you have to pull out the cartridge and put it back in. Then the handwriting sheets he printed out were so tiny the girls couldn’t read them…so they needed to be changed.

But once everything had been finally printed and everyone had eaten and was ready to go the day went smoothly. Our new math schedule sees the girls start the day with timed math drills. I was worried taking such a long break from bookwork would really slow them down but out of 100 subtraction questions (which everyone got 100% correct) our eldest only took 4:18 seconds to complete with the other girls finishing not long after. The girls really enjoyed it and have said it was their favourite thing in the new routine. After some word problems, copywork/handwriting and a snack it was time for Dads trivia of the day! Another new addition to the new school year. After a bit of complaining (from me) about the fact that I seemed to be doing all the education related activities the girls father decided to do trivia from today each morning during their snack. Today we learnt about the Federation of Australia and the first man made object sent into space.

After some more maths, writing and grammar we wrapped up for the day well before 12:30. Seeing as how we don’t have air conditioning and it’s going to be a scorcher today. But even when we do a full day we are usually done by 1:30. We also only do a 4 day week as that is all we need to cover everything.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding in Biology, History (starting with the ancients), art and finally geography. The two eldest girls have also asked to learn latin so that will be added in as well. We will add them in slowly so as not to get overwhelmed. Friday we have our first homeschool playdate of the year, next week we have the first mums night out for our local home ed group and in a few weeks we will have the annual “Not Back to School” party (the day that school goes back) at a local park with some home ed families. This will be just a little local version for those not attending the big Victorian “not back to school” party which is held at Adventure Park in Geelong each year. Then there is homeschool camp to look forward too and possibly an overnight trip to Sydney (with the big girls only) to see the Harry Potter Exhibit at Powerhouse Museum. Not to mention all the excursions booked in (everything from the zoo to the Ford Discovery Centre and the RAAF museum to the CSIRO star lab).

A busy, but exciting year ahead in this homeschooled house.



2 thoughts on “Back to Homeschool!

  1. A few hours a day and 4 days a week – please can we trade?!

    I’ve always dreamt of studying Latin and seriously, Ancient History? History is my favourite of favourites – your family is pretty much the coolest!

  2. LOL – it really is a different life. Today we spent 45 minutes talking about an episode of myth busters – one about a “how to survive an elevator crash” and about phsyics and newtons laws and also how to make a home made hover craft. I really do love homeschooling and yeah…we are the coolest 😛

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