Birthday Wish List

I know Christmas has only just been…but being born two weeks after Xmas means I am thinking about presents again straight away. I got some really, really lovely Christmas presents – lots of tea, some wittner shoes I had my eyes on, cook books, A lovely surprise book from Miss Aly and even some OPI nail polishes. Most of the time my birthday wish list just becomes a list of stuff I didn’t get for Xmas. But I have a few different ideas this year.

My Bike

This one I am actually getting….not til Tuesday (the day after my birthday) but I have worked out the budget and this is my present to myself (also from the girls).

Helmet – CycleStyle

Polkadot Double Panniers – CycleStyle

Wittner – Kilton Flats (in Red & Cream)

OPI – Rainbow Connection Nail Polish (from the Muppet Collection)

Subsciption to the new “Love Vintage” Magazine

Vintage Hair & Make Up Guides

I think that is about all I am after at the moment. I wouldn’t mind a voucher to Miss Fox Beauty or to get my hair cut and coloured again – but I am going to be happy with my bike this year. I might buy myself a few cheap bits and pieces (like the new Ulta 3 collection) but it’s the start of the school year and lots of books need to be purchased. Extra curricular activities start back soon and they need to be paid for. Not to mention the almost $1600 that will be spent over the course of a few sessions with the austism specialist.



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