As a kid we travelled a lot. We were always catching a train up to Murwillumbah or heading to Pebbly Beach for a weekend break. Camping and going to my parents friends holiday houses. Then after my parents split I travelled around a bit. Between the ages of 9 and 15 it went like this….

  1. Sydney to Melbourne
  2. Melbourne to Tasmania
  3. Tasmania to Sydney
  4. Sydney to Adelaide
  5. Adelaide to Sydney
  6. Sydney to Coffs Harbour
  7. Coffs Harbour to Adelaide (via Sydney)
  8. Adelaide to Coffs Harbour
  9. Coffs Harbour to Sydney
  10. Sydney to Queanbeyan
  11. Queanbeyan to Coffs Harbour
  12. Coffs Harbour to Sydney
  13. Sydney to Coffs Harbour

Oh an they weren’t holidays….they were just the times I moved. Then I met the girls father, had 4 kids and started to settle down. The move to Melbourne wasn’t on a whim. It was an opportunity that came up and after careful consideration we took it. We wanted the girls lives to be stable. We wanted them to attend just one primary school and one high school if we could manage. So we moved before anyone started school.

I got itchy feet. Staying in one place sent me over the edge. The same place every day. Everyone knew us. I couldn’t walk down the street without running into someone I knew. I wanted to travel the world. But I wanted my girls to have what I didn’t, so I stayed still.

Then my business and a tiny idea for a charity grew to a national organisation. Before I knew it the girls father was able to quit work and stay at home with them while I worked. Then I started travelling for work. I had to visit various states for the charity. I had clients flying me out for various shoots and even other photographers paying for my flights so I could work with them.

Then I stopped work. I stopped everything and sat still for what seemed like an eternity. No real desire beyond making it through the next minute.

I was suppose to go to Paris for my 30th birthday. The girls father had just gotten a job and life was settling down. I was going to be able to afford it all. Then he lost the job. Then we had to move. Then we were over. Once again life took over and I forgot about going anywhere or doing anything.

I just booked flights to take my eldest daughter (and her chosen companion – her 10yo sister) to Sydney for 2 days/1 night. It was her birthday wish. No party, no presents. Just being able to see the Harry Potter exhibition in Sydney at the powerhouse museum.

In that instant the desire to travel has reared its head and once again I find myself trawling the internet for locations, air far prices, dream destinations, things to do there and where to eat (the single most important thing for anywhere I go).

I don’t know if I will ever make it beyond my own back yard, but at least I am starting to find bits and pieces of myself again.



2 thoughts on “wanderer

  1. I hope you get to travel…. I am sure you will some day, if not some day soon. I can totally relate to having itchy feet!! Your daughter’s birthday present sounds great, have a lovely trip and post photos 🙂

    • Thanks lovely – I just wanted to let you know I can’t comment on your blog any more 😦 every time I try it refreshes the page, but doesn’t post. I will keep trying though.

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