Medication Update

Things are still going well. I have been devouring books and planning and using my brain …. almost two years without it.

I am down another two kilos. Just under 97kg. I haven’t changed my eating all that much (naughty me) so I think we can safely say that the medication had a direct effect on my weight gain.

I also started exercising again last week. Boy was I not prepared for how incredibly unfit I was. Almost two years in bed I expected to loose some fitness….but I spent almost as much time recovering in class as exercising. A friend and I are attending a burlesque class each Friday. My super skinny, super fit friend. After class (as she is covered in sweat) she said that it absolutely killed her and all she could think was “If it is this hard for me, she must be dying”…and she was right. But it was also SO MUCH FUN! The teachers motto is “When in doubt, feel yourself up”.

Another friend (a mum who homeschools her kids a few blocks from us) and I are going to start swimming every Wednesday morning. I used to swim every morning before school when I lived with my dad (he refused to buy me a proper mattress and I had back problems…an hour in the pool would work out most of the kinks before school). I won plenty of ribbons at the school swimming carnival and even got all the way to state once (and then came last LOL). I can’t wait to get back in the pool – I just need to find a pair of swimmers that fit me.

I am taking it easy….I don’t want to go to overboard and end up in so much pain or so exhausted that I can’t do anything. But I have some lovely people to exercise with and a great Dr. who will be very surprised tomorrow to hear I am back at it.

Tomorrow I have another appointment, for a new script. I am hoping to get down to 150mg at least. We jumped 100mg last time, but I am a bit nervous to jump from 200mg to 100mg…but we shall see.

So far I have had no increase in manic episodes and no increase in mood swings. I did have a few depressed days recently. But I seemed to snap myself out of it pretty quickly. I wallowed for a few days then got jack of it LOL. That’s a first.

I feel more positive about everything.



6 thoughts on “Medication Update

  1. this is all so fabulous! i am so happy for you. devouring books and dancing burlesque – now that’s the life!
    all that positive stuff going on makes it a good time to take the meds down a step.
    i bet the dr will be pretty impressed too. congratulations!

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