Some reviews…

Thank you for all your support yesterday…it was a bad day. But onwards and upwards….so today I was meeting up with a friend to dress her up and buy her pretty new clothes (so much easier with a size 8 person who also has plenty of money LOL). After a shit day yesterday I headed in to the city early to clear my head. Listening to some awesome music, getting lost in the crowd and wandering around Myer always cheers me up.But there were two things I was determined to do – get my eyebrows done and get fitted PROPERLY for a new bra.

I have had nothing but problems with finding a good brow shaper. In my suburb I have a choice between some asian nail salons (who have in the past waxed almost all my brows off) or day spa who when they tinted my brows…did them almost black. With pale skin and red hair? OMG it was so back that I thought about shaving them off. I looked ridiculous.So with that in mind, lets review what happened at the Benefit Brow Bar in Myer Bourke St.

Benefit Brow Bar

I dropped in around 3p on a Thursday and the joint was buzzing. I really expected it to be quiet, but it was far from it. But as soon as I was at the counter I was greeted and informed it would be about a 10 minute wait. Not to bad for a walk in. After making sure I wasn’t taking or using anything that could be irritated by the wax (I have been waxing my brows since I was 14 and that is the first time anyone has ever asked me about that) and asked that I sign the book to confirm that. I was then seated and within seconds a lovely lady was there to offer to show me any products I might be interested in. I didn’t feel pushed at all during this point and was quite happy to be shown various things.

As one lady was finished I watched what the brow artist did and was very pleased as I watched her methodically clean her station, throw out used items and clean any reusable items with rubbing alcohol. Once her station was sorted I was called through. We then discussed what I had in the past, issues I had and what I wanted to get out of it and then I proceeded to get a wonderful (and the least painful wax ever) brow shape and a lovely caramel tint. She even explained how they decide what to wax. I was then able to look and ask for more to be done or things to be fixed (not that there was anything).

Once I was done They popped on some aloe vera gel to calm the area and powdered me up to cover the red and I was thrilled with the result. For a wax and tint it was $35. I highly recommend them based on the service received today. So here is me with my spiffy new brows! (ignore no makeup and sweaty face at the bus stop!)


Bras/Boobs and me have always been …. difficult. I went from flat to a 10DD almost overnight when I was just 12. While my friends were still stuffing their training bras I was being hauled to the speciality lingerie shop to be fitted. A boring beige full cup bra was my first bra. Not long after that I moved into sports bras and lived in the ugly assed things as it gave me the best support. My maternity bra (when I was breast feeding the twins) – one cup fit on my head. Finding a pretty bra has always been something I thought nearly impossible. Cue Brava….

Brava Lingerie

I read a review about these guys on the Frocks & Frou Frou blog a lifetime a go…but getting to Prahran was nearly impossible so I forgot about it. Then I discovered they were opening a city store and decided it was time to head in.

First up these guys don’t use measuring tapes. They look at you in your bra and then take a guess (and seem to be almost bang on first go) as to where is a good starting point. My second bra on was the right size. I was wearing a 22DD when I went in – oh how wrong that was. I am actually an 18F. I looked like I lost 5kgs when I had the right bra on. The shape was lovely and they have an amazing range in that size (I tried on at least 10 bras).

I don’t know how to put into works how amazing their staff were. I mean seriously know their shit and what you to look your best. They specialise in D+ cups.

I ordered myself a sweet little red bra SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!

For any girls who haven’t been fitted recently (or at all) – remembering you SHOULD be fitted any time you loose/gain weight, your body changes with pregnancy/breastfeeding ect. – please consider heading into Brava…I cannot tell you how glad I went. I can’t wait to buy pretty underwear, even if it is just for me.

So there is two ways to make yourself feel better and the journey continues for project:girl … hopefully in the next two weeks I will be getting a cut & colour!



4 thoughts on “Some reviews…

  1. I went to Brava because as a bigger busted gal I thought it was about time. I’ve been buying 14E for goodness knows how long, turns out I am a 10G! I look down and I tell you what, I do not see G cups at all, but there you go. I bought a lovely bikini from there and it looks amazing, so thank you for the rec!

    • YAY! Aren’t they awesome? I couldn’t believe I was an F…but there you go. Glad to see I could help someone a little.

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