Becoming Grandma…

Before you go thinking that I am about to become A grandma…no, none of my girls are even remotely old enough. Just wanted to nip that in the bud. I am talking about becoming more and more like my grandma. I love all things vintage, but when I recently read up on modern girls using cold cream I thought it was a bit much…after all there have been so many improvements made in the beauty industry. I wondered how the simple cold cream & witch hazel would hold up against my cleanser, exfoliant, toner, pore minimiser, moisturiser and face mask routine.

I ordered a jar of cold cream from the Boots Traditional range on ebay as I hadn’t seen cold cream anywhere in the shops. Then while I was across the road last week at the chemist warehouse picking up some vitamins there it was – Ponds Cold Cream. At $5.99 (on sale) for a big tub I grabbed it and seeing as how witch hazel was just below it – also at $5.99 – I grabbed that too. I figured I could try the ponds til my boots one arrived and then compare the two.

I then trawled the internet to see how people used it. The general consensus seemed to be apply a thin layer and leave it for a few minutes then using a hot face washer (as hot as you can handle) gently rub off. It may take 2-3 rinses of the face washer to get the majority off. There will still be a very thin, filmy residue. So pop some witch hazel on a cotton ball and swipe over your face. Your face *should* be soft and feel moisturised as the cold cream is so rich and emollient you shouldn’t need any moisturiser afterwards.

That is exactly how I used it. I didn’t believe the part about no moisturiser as it went against everything I have ever known. I expected to wake up to an oil slick face (which is what usually happens if I wash my face but don’t moisturise) but instead I woke up to amazingly soft skin. It was almost matte…but didn’t feel dry at all.

It’s been about a week now and I can’t imagine ever going back. I use my microfibre face washers ($2 for a pack of two in the beauty isle at woolworths) which gently exfoliates the skin. I have been using these for about a year now and swear by them. Every time I am in woolies I clean them out.

My skin is soft, smooth and free from blemishes. It is hard to imagine two products worth $5.99 each replacing over $300 in products…but it has.I am currently using it in the morning and the night.

Of course I am now 30 and have slightly more mature skin…I say slightly in that it can still be quite oily and prone to breakouts – but nothing like my skin during puberty and the teenage years. Now my two eldest daughters have recently (in the past 2 years) started using face products for oily skin and breakouts. They have been using a basic face wash and oil free moisturiser. For the most part it has helped but they are both prone to black heads. My research had showed that oil is the best remover of oil and people who had been using cold cream had been amazed at how their blackheads had just dissolved. So with that in mind I informed my two girls that I wanted them to try it.

Of course my eldest (who is a typical girly girl, who also loves vintage) was super keen, but Miss 10 decided she didn’t want a bar of it and ran to her room (it was a bad aspie day). But surprisingly later that night she came into the bedroom and said she was ready to try it. They have been using it once just at night and the black heads and pimples are disappearing. I was worried that it would be too much for their over active oil producing skin, but it has clearly been the opposite. In the mornings they still use their face wash/moisturiser

Then two days ago my boots cold cream arrived. Such an adorable jar and a sweet rose smell. So now I had a chance to see which one suited my skin more. For comparison the boots jar holds about 1/5th of the Ponds and cost $14 (including shipping). It was definitely thicker than the ponds so I thought it would be more moisturising. After it was on my skin for about 15 seconds it started burning and stinging. I tried to leave it on longer but I couldn’t handle it. After I took it off my skin felt really dry. Even though it was super thick none of it seemed to soak into the skin or stay on, like the ponds does. I ended up having to put some of my First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream (moisturiser – a sample from the January Bella Box) on. I tried it again a day later and had the exact same reaction. So I think I am going to ditch the contents of it, clean it and use it to store my ponds in as its such a pretty jar.

I also wanted to let you know my massive pores are shrinking. I don’t know if pores can actually shrink, but they are definitely becoming less visible.

In the first Bella Box I got I received a sample of Vissionaire by Lancome – I was blown away by how much difference it made to my pores….but at $115 for 30ml it was out of my price range. I can officially say my jar $5.99 of ponds, my $1 face washer and my $5.99 witch hazel crap all over it.

If you have the chance to try it – I highly recommend it. Even if it turns out not to work for you, you haven’t shelled out a fortune….like I have…time and time again.




6 thoughts on “Becoming Grandma…

    • YAY! Let me know how you go. My eldest daughter just came in to point out where all her pimples were, and there is now beautiful smooth skin. A lot of Aussies have trouble finding it in store – but links in the post to chemist warehouse where you can buy it online.

  1. I want to try it now too!

    I’ve just been catching up on all of your posts. You’ve been through a lot lately, wow. You have so much to deal with and yet (from an outsiders perspective) you seem to be dealing with it very well in the circumstances. I know things can change quickly, but I hope you stay in control.

    That’s great that you got a proper diagnosis for your aspie daughter, and I loved reading about each of your daughters and their personalities. It will be lovely for them to look back on- I wish someone had profiled me at some point (or even now!)

    • There always seems to be something to deal with doesn’t there? Coping as well as can be expected. I seem to find keeping busy and giving myself only so long to brood before I tell myself enough of that and do something to snap myself out of it.

      Thank you – I have been reading your blog…but still can’t comment 😦 Sorry to hear things are so tough. Hopefully you will find the right path soon.

    • When I click “publish” after typing my comment and entering my wordpress username it says “redirecting” and then it is the same page I was just on but it erases my comment (without publishing it). It is happening on some blogger sites but not others. Some it happened once or twice but then worked fine next time. But I have tried commenting on every post for awhile now and it just goes back to the same page. 😦

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