The Darling Sisters, Customer Service Win & Seamed Stockings

I can’t tell you how often I am left massively disappointed by customer service. Emails that go unreturned, phones that ring out, staff that either ignore you when you walk and terrible returns policies. But I have to rave about the customer service I received from The Darling Sisters when I contacted them recently about their sizing for the Fully Fashioned beautiful seamed nylon stockings.

I have been searching for beautiful vintage stockings for a long time. Everywhere I turned it seemed plus sized girls missed out. I might be able to find a pair of stay ups, but I love the look of seamed stockings and Fully Fashioned Cuban Heeled stockings make my little vintage loving heart sing. Not to mention I have a beautiful Rago all in one corsolette that has been sitting in my cupboard looking sad as I can’t wear it without stockings (otherwise it has nothing to tether it down and rolls up around my waist….trust me on this one!). The only problem with FF Nylons is that they don’t have much stretch…so I needed to find a pair that would actually fit my thigh. I must have sent dozens of emails to companies just trying to get a rough idea of the top circumference of their stockings to no avail. When I sent off my email to the Darling Sisters I have to admit I didn’t hold out much hope.

(note: I choose to wear underwear with my stockings…but that’s just a personal choice *wink wink*)

But of course these two have impeccable customer service. My email was returned promptly along with information that they only open their boutique on the weekends and as soon as she was in the shop she would measure them for me. Emails continued back and forth and she let me know she thought she had found the right pair for me. I paid and a few days later my stockings arrived. I was so incredibly nervous as I desperately wanted them to fit. But the lovelies at the Darling Boutique said if they don’t fit, send them back and we will keep going til we find the right pair. But they were PERFECT.

If you haven’t had a pair of nylons out. These are silky smooth and just scream of lady like glamour when you are wearing them. I am so excited that I found them, that they are sold in Australia and that the company that is selling them has the most divine customer service.

After I sent a thank you email this morning, which was also responded to promptly she mentioned she was placing and order (gave me a link to the company) and asked me to have a look to see if there was anything I wanted as she knew I was in the market for some girdles. Not only was it helpful, but she remembered what I wanted.

If you are in Canberra go check out their store for me, but if not you can buy online in the safe knowledge that their customer service is impeccable, my item was shipped out the day I paid and they accept returns (while AusPost isn’t the cheapest, it certainly is more affordable to return locally than overseas).

Now to save up to buy myself an Esther Williams bathing suit from them!



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