Yup I am still totally on the cold cream bandwagon. I got a few spots and read that an extra swipe of witch hazel should dry it up…and it did! So I delved a little deeper into cold cream uses and here is what I have found….

As A Make Up Remover

I used to use coconut oil to remove my make up, but now it is cold cream all the way. It removes everything including the supper stubborn Max Factor – False Lash Effect Mascara! I am seriously in love – even coconut oil found my mascara tough to remove.

As An Exfoliator

It seems some smart little cookie tried adding some brown sugar to their cold cream to exfoliate. So I tried it. DIVINE! Totally gentle as most of the brown sugar almost melts into the cold cream, and because the cold cream is so rich your skin is still left perfectly soft and no need to moisturise afterwards!

All Over!

SO I read that someone smothered themselves all over with cold cream, jumped in the shower, scrubbed all over with exfoliating gloves and then dried off and jumped into bed. I wasn’t so sure about this one, but I have issues with dry legs, elbows and knees and HATE using body creams. But I gave it a go so I could let you all know and OH. MY. GOD! I have never had skin so smooth. I didn’t need any moisturiser and when I slipped beneath the sheets my skin felt like silk. I have started doing it once or twice a week and love the results.

Shaving Cream

After the success with using it all over I decided to give it a whirl as I have used coconut oil for shaving before, but it wasn’t thick enough IMO. But I had total success with cold cream…especially as my legs weren’t all dry afterwards. The water in the shower does need to be quite hot to be able to rise the cream out of your razor…so it may not suit everyone, but for me it worked fine.

It has turned out to be a surprisingly versatile product. If anyone has any other uses please shout them out!



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