Diabetes, The Shopping Ban, TV & New Hair!

So things are going as well as can be expected here. The diabetes stuff has taken over my life and with that and everything else going on I have little to no brain power left for anything else. But I need to keep making blogging a priority as it makes me feel better. It has been such a great way of getting out all my horrible thoughts (as well as my good ones) and has made such a positive impact on my life. So on to todays thoughts…

I have done surprisingly well at changing my eating habits in just ten days. I am an all or nothing sort of girl so when I got the diagnosis I didn’t go and have “one last…” I switched straight on to doing what I thought was right from the tiny bits of information my doctor gave me. Unfortunately the diabetes educator I saw was useless and gave me little to no information and spent 90 minutes calling his computer a turd, saying that runners are idiots and people should only walk (after I mentioned I wanted to get back into running) and laughing hysterically at himself every 30 seconds. About the only piece of advice that was useful was that I needed to use my new blood sugar monitor to see how different foods effected my levels. My GP said I could still have carbs, but to stick to low gi and small portion sizes.

Unfortunately I have discovered carbs, no matter how low gi and no matter how small a portion size sky rocket my blood sugars. I find I can have a piece of toast in the morning and some low gi carbs at lunch – but if I have any at dinner my bloods are still sky high the next morning. So I have made the decision to stick to under 2 super small servings of low gi carbs a day (eaten in the morning or for lunch) and very little carbs after lunch. Those that know me in person may know how big a weakness I have for cabs and always have. I went on one of those super low carb diets one time and by day 3 I was hysterical and begging the girls father to make me a potato. But at that point my life didn’t depend on it. In 10 days I have more than halved my fasting blood glucose levels which is pretty awesome, but I still have a while to go before I can call it well managed. Hopefully the carb thing will help improve my numbers.

With the change in diet, the increase in exercise (I don’t want to loose any limbs!), lowering my seroquel and starting the diabetes medication I am losing weight. Just over a kilo a week for the last 4-5 weesk (I am actually 94kgs….meaning I have lost 10kgs since November!). My first goal was 95kg…which is past already, the next is 90kgs. With this rapid decrease in weight I have decided to stop buying new clothes. With the exception of a pair of jeans I need for spring/winter and underwear and any changes in bra size. I have plenty of stuff in sizes 16-24 (currently around a 22) so I really don’t need anything. I may want lots of stuff, but seeing as how I have more than enough to wear I have decided I will hold off buying clothes until I either a) Need them because I am smaller than almost everything I have or b) reached a stable weight. This doesn’t stop me from buying nail polish or make up or shoes though… (speaking of shoes these Kaiser Flats from Wittner are now mine!)

Now onto TV. If you have been reading longer than a few minutes you will know I love vintage. I grew up watching musicals from the 40’s and 50’s and I love any period movie or tv show that does justice to it’s era. Enter Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. OMG I am totally in love. Set in Melbourne in the 20’s it is a visual feast. The clothes, the cars, the locations (Hello Melbourne, gosh I love you) are all total eye candy. But not only that it is watchable, funny and brilliantly acted. You can watch the first episode online HERE. It’s a 13 part series and I can’t wait for the rest of it.

Along similar vintage lines I decided to get an authentic vintage hair cut – the Middy. I decided on this style as it would make it easier for me to pin curl my hair in the authentic setting patterns. I had been growing my hair out thinking it would be easier to do vintage styles but no such luck. I ended up with too much hair to do anything effectively.

Unfortunately I printed out the hair diagram from the Middy Plus and not the Middy Long so I know have super short hair (4.5in all over) and I can’t pin curl it at all! Of course I would be mortified – except see above pic…that was about 8 months after I cut my hair to just below my ears…my hair grows ridiculously fast. I have also discovered that it doesn’t dry as poufy as I thought and looks freakin adorable with a headband (of which I own about 40).

One of the things I have discovered since becoming aware of my own mental health patterns is that if I allow myself to wallow more than 3 days I get into dangerous territory of slipping rapidly from bummed to depressed. One of the things that always cheers me up is doing something for my appearance (putting make up on, buying a new dress, having my hair cut and coloured) so this was just what the doctor ordered after getting the diabetes blow and having an exhausting two days in Sydney.

I know I still owe two more Aussie NBTS blog hop posts – our “school” area and a day in the life…but those will have to wait as my house is currently a disaster area and our daily schedules are too crazy. Those will come later in the week. Until then…



2 thoughts on “Diabetes, The Shopping Ban, TV & New Hair!

  1. Your new hairstyle looks great, and I LOVE those shoes.

    I’m also obsessed with carbs, I can understand how hard it would be to stop eating them… I don’t know if I’d succeed as well as you’re doing tbh, but I suppose it’s different when it’s a necessity!

  2. Thanks! I have always been obsessed with carbs and low carb or carb free diets sent me insane…but like you said, necessity makes it different. I would like to keep my legs and my sight as long as possible 🙂

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