Countdown to 100

So it seems this little blog is getting close to reaching 100 posts. Most of it I think seems to be my incoherent bipolar rantings. But hopefully a few posts were at least a little helpful.

With this milestone coming up I have been thinking about a little give away. But what do people want?

I thought about giving away some of my favourite beauty products like Ponds Cold Cream, witch hazel, Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil, Bloom Lip Balm & a Japanese nylon polishing cloth. Or my favourite Makeup items like my Max Factor Pancake foundation…but make up is trickier as everyone has different colourings. Or I could give away my favourite nail polishes a collection of some Australian made Ulta3‘s (unfortunately the ones made in PRC really are shocking in comparison). Or with the new health kick I could give away my favourite exercise DVD – Yogalates (which helped me finally loose the last kilos after baby number 2 and get back into my pre kid jeans). My first copy of that was on VHS! I still use it today.I could offer a book on homeschooling…but I don’t think I have any homescooling families following this blog.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what they would like to win? What about what you would like to see for the posts leading up to 100?




8 thoughts on “Countdown to 100

  1. I just wanted to say congratulations on the ‘incoherent bipolar rantings’ – which are, in fact, remarkably coherent! I have found that it is so much harder to share and blog about the realities of living with mental illness than I thought it would be. You are brave.

    • I don’t think I’m all that brave…I just need to get it out…and it comes out here. But thank you lovely. I think I may have figured out a way to post a comment on your blog…heading there to try it now.

    • damn it…you don’t have the option to leave a comment as a name & URL only…it still just refreshes back to the same page when I try to comment. It might be your blog theme as sometimes I can comment on blogger blogs, and sometimes I can’t…

  2. it is! Especially as I read & enjoy your blog…and want to say so 😦 Lady Demelza’s Maroon Diaries is doing the same thing. FRUSTRATING!

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