I think I was around 4 years old when my parents realised I was having trouble seeing. I was already reading so maybe I was getting headaches or something. I definitely wasn’t at school yet so it wasn’t the blackboard…maybe my parents actually noticed something about me (probably not)…or maybe my nana, who is super observant, noticed something (more likely) or maybe it was a before school precaution. Either way I walked out of there in specs.

That means I have been wearing glasses for more than 26 years! My gran must have bought my first pair as they were quite fancy and expensive and my parents weren’t in to fancy or quality unless they were dealing with their choice of mind altering substances. Unfortunately for me…I was 4 and not used to having something on my face each day so inevitably they got lost. For the next 6-7 years it seemed they were always being replaced. I would loose them, break them, throw them out a car window (on the freeway) during a tantrum and once, just for kicks, I wanted to see what would happen if I used a hammer on them. After that my mum got jack of it. My gran wouldn’t shell out anything else when I clearly couldn’t look after them and by now dad was long gong. So government issued glasses it was apparently mums pension covered her for one pair of hideous chunky plastic glasses. Now this may be fine if I just had to wear them for reading, but as I am nearly blind I need them all the time.

Picture this – new school, first year of high school. Look around in the sea of tanned, athletic and blonde girls around me. I lived in a small beach side town in rural NSW. Then look at me…lanky and yet hippy. Already a D cup. Bright orange hair, freckles, pale skin and big old plastic glasses. As you can imagine things went downhill from there.

But I was a stubborn person. I never once asked for contacts as the thought of sticking my finger in my eye on a daily basis didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t really care if people thought I looked odd. I always assumed those who really liked me would accept me as I was. With that thinking in mind though, I was even more a social outcast. I refused to change anything about myself to suit the other kids and that made me stick out even more.

After awhile not only did my glasses grow on me (I developed a mad passion for reading which would have been impossible without them…so I stopped loosing them) and when I was 17 my dad offered to pay for laser surgery and I declined. But for some reason I still chose not to wear them on my wedding day…which completely baffles me as my glasses are so much a part of me. Not only do I look super strange in the photos, but I couldn’t see a damn thing.

In the last few years each new appointment (held annually) has seen my eyes get gradually worse. So I fell back into the midset of not spending money on myself and just grabbing a pair of $99 specsavers glasses. After all, I tell myself, they will just need to be replaced next year.

This year I finally realised how ridiculous that thinking was. This is something that I wear everyday. The first thing I do when I wake up is pop my glasses on and its the last thing I take off before bed. I have (literally) an entire wardrobe filled with shoes that I almost never wear and yet I wanted to skimp on something that is on my face every single day? No more. After all project:girl is all about learning to put my best face forward.

So after my appointment with the lovely (read: hot!) Salvatore (highlight of my year) I decided to splurge and get myself not 1, but 3 pairs of glasses. And I am actually thinking of grabbing a few more pairs as well. I can’t wait to pick them up!

First up is this vintage pair of cats eye glasses I nabbed from Etsy

Then I fell in love with the Gok Wan pair that are a similar (but more subtle) cats eye look in white (they also come in black)

And finally this pair of Red or Dead glasses as I absolutely love red


Now on top of those I really want to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses as I can’t wear normal sunglasses at all (as I end up blind…no vision and everything is dark) and Salvatore informed me that my prescription can’t be made into contacts. I have always wanted a pair of glasses like Miss Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys

After a little bit of research (god bless google) I discovered that these were Manhattan frames by Oliver Goldsmith and what’s more…they are still made today. What’s even better is I can get them right here in Melbourne through their distributor Eye Candy Optics! Now I just need to decide whether to get them in black or tortoise shell like below. Well that and save up…



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