Aroma Queen Clay Mask Review

After discovering how well my skin has responded to a more simplified and basic routine – cold cream, witch hazel and rosehip oil (with the occasional scrub of brown sugar mixed with my cold cream) I went in search of a simple clay face mask.

This task was harder than you would imagine. Every tube I picked up at priceline may have had mud or clay on the front label…but the ingredients list showed anything but. In fact it was downright scary how long the ingredient lists were.

When I was nine we moved from the suburbs of Sydney to my mums crazy hippy friends 30 acre property 30 minutes out of a small town and half way up a mountain. We had no electricity, no running water and no indoor plumbing. It was over winter, it snowed, and I once got shot at using the outdoor dunny/hole in the ground. But my mums friend would dig up fresh clay and we would give ourselves fresh, truly organic, face masks.

My “backyard” is a concrete slab, and I am a true city girl and probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between dirt and clay. So I had a little hunt around and discovered that getting pure clay was actually pretty easy but what I didn’t realise is that there was such a wide variety of colours…which each are suited to different skin. Go nature!

I eventually settled on Aroma Queen – who I actually found on eBay (and purchased through eBay) but who also have a website that you can also purchase through. They had a list of their clays and what skin type each one was suited too. I ended up settling on the pastel pink clay as my skin is maturing and I as much as I have always ignored it and just chosen the strongest product (the one that would strip away every last inch of natural oil), I actually have quite sensitive skin. They have a little bit of information on each clay and it’s uses which I will add below.

After I purchased an paid I received an eBay message from the seller thanking me and letting me know it would be in the post that day. Sure enough just two days later I had the resealable pouch of pure organic Australian pastel pink clay. Because I am terribly impatient I raced straight to the bathroom to mix some up. I keep a small mixing bowl in the bathroom for mixing masks and scrubs so I popped a heaped teaspoon of the clay powder into my bowl and then, rather than using water, I spritzed the power with my Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner until it was a nice creamy consistency. Then slathered it on my face.

Now I might also mention here that when I use my cold cream at night, and when I use my face masks, I always treat my neck and decolletage. I wear a lot of scoop and v-necks and during my younger days I always forgot to sunscreen there…so now I am doing everything to look after my skin.

so pretty!

I left it on for about 15-20 minutes and then took a warm face washer and gently started to removed the mask. Now I will admit that I totally freaked out. As I removed the clay it seemed like it had severely stained my face. While it may have been “pastel” pink in powdered form, it got quite dark red once damp and it seriously looked like it had totally stained my face red. Turns out you just need to wash it off quite thoroughly. I ended up following with my cold cream which got every last bit of colour off. My white face cloths may never recover, but half of them had red lipstick stains anyway. After I cleaned off the cold cream I gave a quick spritz of my Trilogy mist and then popped some of my Trilogy Rosehip Oil on.

Verdict? Amazing. My skin felt so beautiful, soft and clear and left my pores even smaller than cold cream leaves them. Absolutely baby soft, glowing skin. The next day I noticed a few breakouts – but isn’t that half the point? Dragging all the gunk to the surface. I have used it three times in the last two weeks all with the same satisfaction and I am getting fewer breakouts each time. The last time I added a few drops of rosehip oil when mixing the powder as I was all out of cold cream and I didn’t want my face to dry out. Absolutely divine!

I have barely made a dent in the packet so I have a feeling this is going to be total value for money with the cost being $5.75 + $7 shipping (shipping is a flat cost, so order more and get your moneys worth…I will next time). I think I might just have to order another pack for my give away at 100 posts!


So which one is right for you? Have a read (taken from their ebay page)

Australian Washed Blue clay is an excellent treatment for oily and problematic skin as it can assist in regulating sebum flow, cleanse hair follicles and dissolve impurities on the skin. Use up to twice a week for particularly troubled skin.

Australian Soft Green clay (inc Bentonite) is one of the strongest and most absorbent of clays, particularly suited to oily or acne-prone skin. Green clay can assist in detoxifying the skin and reducing and balancing sebaceous production; it can revitalises tired, dull complexions, leaving the skin glowing with vitality. Use up to twice a week for particularly troubled skin.

Australian Golden Yellow clay (inc Kaolin) is excellent for all skin types. It is a mid-strength clay that has a tonic effect, helping to improve the condition of tired and devitalised skin. An excellent pick-me-up.

Australian Pastel Pink clay (inc Kaolin & Iron Oxides) is mild enough for use on all skin types, particularly skin losing its tone – pink clay particularly suits mature skin. It can cleans, firm and tone the skin, especially with repeated use. Aside from the face, it’s great as a body mask for the bust, neck, upper arms and stomach.

Australian Pure White, or Ivory clay (inc Kaolin) is the gentlest and least absorbent of all the clays. It assists in soothing and softening the skin and is suitable for sensitive and dry conditions, even for the elderly and young. White clay can also be used to tone down some of the stronger clays to make a milder mask, or to mix with some of the darker clays that are prone to staining when used alone – for example, mix a ratio of 10% deep red clay to 90% white.


Deep Red clay (inc Iron Oxide) is the colour of the Australian desert. An oily clay with a gentle absorbent action, it is particularly good for dehydrated and mature skin. NOTE: While deep red clay is very gentle on the skin, used alone it is prone to staining. Red clay should always be mixed with another clay at a ratio of 10-20% maximum – see our other listings for clay colours to suit each skin type. WHITE clay is a great mixer for red.

Midnight Black organic superfine clay contains exceptional iron and oxygenating properties. It is a non-toxic mineral with cleansing and conditioning agents, particularly good to assist in nourishing the skin. NOTE: While BLACK clay is very gentle on the skin, used alone it is prone to staining, so it is recommended you tone down your mask by mixing it with one of the lighter clays, such as white, at a maximum ratio of 10-20% – see our other listings for other clay mixer colours to suit your skin type.


3 thoughts on “Aroma Queen Clay Mask Review

  1. Wow, what an informative post – who would have known there were so many colours/types of clay. You seem to have had a very interesting upbringing – being shot at while using the crapper, woah!!

    • The guy came and apologise after shooting at me…he shot next to me to scare me as he thought I was pooping on his property…we didn’t have boundary fences…it was weird, terrifying (and led to me needing a support person when using the hole in the ground) and definitely one of the more bizarre things that happened to me in my life.

    • also a friend has found a way I can comment on her blogger (same issue I have with your blog) she just went into the back end and allowed comments from name/url – then I don’t have to sign into wordpress, I can just use my name to comment. Let me know if you manage it so I can comment again!

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