Carbs are Evil

After my fall where I ate 3 cupcakes and a bunch of pizza I had to go through carb withdrawals all over again (which was a bitch by the way). I had learnt my lesson…no more carbs for me.

BUT what was interesting is even with 3 cupcakes and pizza my sugars barely spiked at all. A little while later we had burritos for dinner and the first was so yummy (27g of carbs per tortilla wrap – my carb limit for one meal is about 20-30g) I had another. Again…no spike.After a truly shitty week the girls father got me some green curry from the local thai place (a worry as they seem to put palm sugar in everything…their red curry is almost a desert dish) and he included about half a cup of rice with it (OMG – was rice always this amazing??? What me? A cab addict?) again no spike. The real kicker was the girls had plain white pasta for dinner with cheese one night and I had a cup of pasta, some cheese & cracked pepper….not a single spike. Hmmm. I started to suspect that maybe all my body needed was a true carb/sugar detox…which I did over the course of about 6-7 weeks. Maybe I could start adding back in low gi carbs (I wasn’t stupid enough to think it was a good idea to have rice and pasta and white bread…well apart from my slips which for purposes of this blog I will call scientific experiments).

So yesterday I popped some of my home made toasted muesli in a bowl (made the first week after my diagnosis and originally cause my sugars to jump up 5 after eating – a healthy meal will see my sugars rise no more than 2 after eating) and some milk and enjoyed every last bite. Oh how I have missed my carbs. It was absolutely delish. As I am more than used to smaller meals I was pleasantly full after my 1/2cup of muesli. Just 40 minutes later I was absolutely starving. Reading to eat my own arm. Crying because I was so hungry. Angry. Sad. Angry. Sad. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. I had to wait two hours after eating it to see what my blood sugars did. They were a bit higher than after other carbs – but I put that down to it having dried cranberries (dried fruit is full of sugar) and even then it was negligible. But I was really creeped out by the mood swings and the fact that I was starving again so quickly. The muesli had whole oats, bran & dried cranberries. Again it wasn’t white, it was really low gi and isn’t low gi suppose to mean “fuller for longer”?I shoved a protein bar in my gob as fast as I could (which is really quite slow as they are pretty much bricks) and was fine for another 3 hours til lunch.

Today I decided to go back to my standard breakfast of full fat greek yoghurt (low fat dairy is generally full of sugar/carbs) and berries. I opted out of having nuts and decided to try some of my muesli again. It was super tasty. Thankfully I made it about 3 hours before I ate … but I was out with the kids, so I don’t think it was necessarily that I wasn’t hungry – just too busy to think about it. I grabbed a protein bar on the way home and some strawberries (fresh strawberries only have 27 calories in 100g and almost all the carbs in it is dietary fibre), had a nice salad for dinner with some salmon in it and went to have a shower. I almost had a heart attack. My stomach was HUGE. I was so bloated I looked about 6-7 months pregnant…with twins! My waist measurement this morning was 38.5in….it was 42in tonight.

Also I might add – I feel like shit. When I was eating protein, full fat dairy and lots of vegetables (and low sugar fruits) I felt amazing. I was loosing weight. I felt healthier. I had managed to stop my massive food addiction. I no longer craved starchy food. I no longer craved…full stop. I had a lot of bloating issues before, but since stopping carbs it just hasn’t been an issue.

The other reason I have been thinking about adding back in carbs was because I had read somewhere low carb diets are dangerous for diabetics as you apparently need the “slow release carbohydrates to stop sugars fluctuating”. After all my diabetes nurse was completely useless and until I get my referral to a diabetes educator I am pretty much flying blind.

But now I just don’t know if I can do it. I have always loved my carbs. I have always loved baking and bread and pastries. But I haven’t had sugar cravings in ages. I stopped my food obsession and began eating food purely for fuel, not enjoyment or to sate some other emotional need. I have long suspected I was gluten intolerant…but what if I am just plain carb intolerant?

Before you launch into the balanced diet tirade (that I have heard too many times…thanks to my mother in law) I just want to point out a few things.

  1. Grains were only introduced into humans diets in the last 6000 odd years when we started farming. It is unlikely our bodies could evolve that quickly to be able to break down and use these effectively. Just have a look at what happened 2000 years ago when we introduced sugars and white carbs into the diets of Australian natives.
  2. The governments that put together the healthy eating pyramid are under pressure from meat councils, dairy councils and no doubt other large farming groups. Just because the government says something, doesn’t make it true.

Now I am not saying either of those things makes grains and carbs instantly bad. I am just pointing out that maybe the “balanced diet” that has been touted around since I was at school might not actually be based on science.

After reading the book “How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds” I felt quite empowered. I was reading it because I wanted help with managing low carb dieting. Any time I touched carbs my sugars spiked and I was totally lost. It gave me a lot of great information and really opened my eyes to the world of carb intolerance. But I just stopped thinking about that when I realised I could keep my sugars stabilised and eat carbs.

Of course now I need to look at whether or not having a low cab diet is ok with diabetes. I need to assess whether or not carbs are “worth it” for me. Bloating is not fun. Mood swings aren’t fun (I have enough mental health crap with bipolar). Neither is being hungry after you just ate (no wonder I over ate so much before). On the whole I am tending to lean towards the carbs are evil (for me anyway) and get back to protein.



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