Like Cleopatra

I used to have a bath every single day. I always loved lighting a few candles, popping on some jazz music and just relaxing. It was a ritual. Put the kids to bed then lock myself in the bathroom. It was the only time I could manage to switch my brain off.

I think I stopped having baths regularly when we got our first house with an ensuite. I loved it so much that I started having showers all the time. My own little bathroom. Growing up I lived in various dumps. In housing commission flats, a caravan (with no bathroom at all) and one house where you could see through the floorboards to the ground underneath. Having a house with my own little ensuite seemed the height of luxury. Our current ensuite is HUGE and off my walk in wardrobe. But it doesn’t have a bath.

The girls bathroom has a bath, but the first/last time I used it – about 3 months ago – it seemed tiny. Maybe it was the extra 18 kilos I was carrying.

I have been stressed out lately. Angry. I haven’t ever been a really angry person, sad definitely…but not angry. I needed some serious relaxing. So last night I gathered some supplies and decided to have a bath after the girls were all in bed.

While the bath was running I  added in one cup of powdered milk, 1/4 cup of honey and a tablespoon of sweet almond oil (you can also add in scented oil if you want, but remember to mix it with a carrier oil like almond oil first). As my ankle has been aching lately I added in a cup of epsom salts as well. Then I whipped up a new playlist on my iphone (god bless technology I was able to export my playlist to itunes…click on thplaylist link to see what is on there and get it for yourself). I lit some tealight candles and my new Marseille (gardenia scented) Glasshouse Candle. Mixed up some pastel pink clay with some rosehip oil and witch hazel (I am all out of my Trilogy spray) and brewed a pot of French Earl Grey tea. I blew up my little bath pillow (the only useful thing my mum has ever sent me…much better than the purple ug boots with rhinestones). With Etta James crooning “Stormy Weather” I got into my Cleopatra bath and didn’t get out until the water went cold. I was so incredibly relaxed. It turns out the bath wasn’t as small as I thought.

Not only was my skin was crazy soft afterwards, but I was incredibly relaxed. It really got me thinking about how it is so easy to just accept that the only way to cope with modern anxiety and stress is with medication and then have to deal with all the side effects from that. But a bath? A massage? Reading your favourite book? They don’t have any side effects at all (with the exception of book addiction…I am onto my 4th book in 4 days). I feel daft that it has taken me this long to apply it. This week I need to find a place I can go for regular massages (when I get stressed I tense up my shoulders and I end up with massive knots there). I want to focus on things I really enjoy – including finally trying to find a horse riding school that I can get to. I think I also need to find someone who can help me learn to clear my mind. I have never found mediation effective at all, but I also have never given it a real shot.

I have been cranky all day….so I am off to have another bath and am looking forward to becoming addicted to this new side effect free miracle cure for stress.



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