Thank You.

I spend too much time whining on this blog…we all know that though 😉 as you all know it is my outlet. BUT I want to take the time out to say some thank yous to my lovely readers. The people who have gone out of their way to comment on my blog with support, words of comfort and just generally to check in on me…I really appreciate it. I really never expected to get a “following” on my blog. But more than that, I never expected it to help me make new friends. So I am going to take this opportunity to say thank you to my top 4 commenter’s….all of them have blogs of their own which I find fabulous reading. Click on their names to go see for yourself.

My very top commenter is the lovely Lisa. Not only are you the person who comments on almost every single blog entry, you really seem to genuinely think through your comments. Especially the last one where you took time out of your day not only to post, but to research bipolar and send me some links which have been incredibly helpful. I really, really, really appreciate it and I wish you all the best for your move back home and good luck with it all. (ps. a friend has had success with allowing me to comment on her blog by allowing comments from name & url…meaning I wouldn’t have to log in to wordpress to comment. I really do read all your posts and I keep coming back hoping to be able to comment again one day soon).Thank you for your support.

Next up is Aly. My beautiful, lovely, lovely friend. I honestly have no idea how this friendship started…but I know it had a lot to do with this blog. We started commenting on each others blog. Then emailing. Then twittering. A teacher friends with a homeschool mum…who would have though *wink*. We chatted a lot while she was away in Jordan and I have been lucky enough to meet her in person a few times (not enough IMO…thanks to my craziness) and she is just so incredibly lovely. Oh and beautiful. Also she has amazing skin…I know because I asked her what foundation she was wearing the other day thinking I needed to get me some…and of course she wasn’t wearing any. She is always up for a chat and is nice enough to still want to catch up, even when so often I have to stand her up. She also sent me the most thoughtful Christmas present. As some one who rarely gets presents (and the girls have figured out if they buy me things they want, then ask for them I always say yes…so I have been getting toys lately), and when I do they are of the purple rhinestone covered ug boot variety (thanks mum) I appreciated my book so much and it hasn’t left my bedside table since. Oh and she got me muppet nail polish…she rocks.Thank you for being a lovely friend.

Lady Demelza. My first ever “fan mail” came from her and it was the most wonderful, heartfelt email. Since then she has been a constant source of comfort, strength and kind words. As someone who has “been there, done that” in regards to mental illness – well it is just nice to not have to explain myself. You totally just get it. Not only do I get lovely emails, I have gotten my first handwritten “proper” (four pages long) letter in years. I have received presents in person and in the mail and I had my very last piece of cheesecake with her in a cafe in Werribee. A giant piece of cake along with wonderful hours of conversation (the cake was so huge it took us forever to get through it). I can’t wait to catch up again this week. Thank you for everything.

And Number four on my list is the super cute Jennifer from Polka Dots & Pearls. You always have something lovely to say and I was so honoured to be included in your post about bloggers you enjoy. To know that there is another person who has my back, who will read my whining and say “hey I’m here for you”…well it means a lot. I only wish you lived here so we could start that book club! Please come visit me in Melbourne I want to see your amazing style in person. Thank you lovely for always having something nice to say.

But truly, I want to thank everyone. Everyone who reads. Everyone who has something nice to say to me. Everyone who has anything to say. Most of my life is lived in isolation since my “breakdown” and diagnosis. I spend most of my days in bed. I am lucky enough to have four amazing daughters who I love and adore and who I share my life with….but like any adult, I crave company. Company that is often not possible when you can suffer extreme agoraphobia or have panic attacks or are not awake when other humans are. This blog has not only given me an outlet, a place to dump the thoughts that swirl around in my crazy brain, but has been a place when I can find companionship, company and friendship.

For this blog and these friends I am eternally grateful.



6 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. Awww you are just too sweet! I feel so lucky to be counted as one of your friends. 🙂 You have no idea how much I can’t wait to visit/move to Melbourne so I can meet you and all the other people I only know through blogging! I really admire you and your blog and I am glad that it has helped you so much! Much love xxx

  2. Oh my goodness! This is the nicest thing in the world – you are so wonderful, thankyou so much for saying all those lovely things!

    I’m too lucky to have someone such as you in my life – you’ve been such a gorgeous, helpful friend.

    Thank YOU!

  3. Wow – top commentor? Thanks for the thanks 🙂 But really, I enjoy reading your blog and think you’re very insightful. You put me to shame because I don’t have the guts to post about really personal stuff – even though none of family or non-web friends know about my blog, I’m scared someone will come across it… and come to think of it, it frightens me to post anything really personal even if I could be sure no one would ever find it!

    I didn’t seem to be able to choose the name + url option, but I changed my settings so that anyone can comment (including annonymous posters). Maybe that will work?

    • Everyone has their own comfort levels…and all you can do is follow your own heart on this one and for the most part anything I have said on the blog I have said to the people concerned. And I can finally comment back on your blog – yay!

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