Movie Monday…Ummm Wednesday: Away We Go

I have been thinking about doing a Movie Monday post for awhile…but somehow I blinked and it was Wednesday, but seeing as how I just watched one of my all time favourite movies I thought I would post early/late.

I am starting off with one of my all time favourite movies. It might not be the funniest, the biggest stars, or the best … well anything….but gosh did it move me. I originally wanted to watch it because it starred John Krasinski, who I fell in love with on the US version of “The Office”. I had been teased relentlessly over this crush and had forced the husband to sit through some truly horrific movies with him in it. We both went into it assuming a) we wouldn’t like the movie much and b) he couldn’t really act. We were wrong on both accounts. We laughed and I cried. We sat there dumbfounded at the end because the couple through out the movie was us in so many ways.

The movie starts off with a 30 something couple who are expecting their first baby. They are a bit odd and don’t seem to have the things other thirty year olds might have (ie. a house with working electricity). When they discover that his parents are about to take off for a few years they realise they don’t have to stay where they are, they can raise their baby any where. So away they go – visiting old friends and relatives trying to find a new place to settle down. It starts off really quite funny, each new place showing some crazy people they don’t want to be like, or live near. Then about halfway through there is a scene that left me in tears and the whole movie changes from a comedy, to a heartfelt drama.

The first scene of a movie that has ever made me have to stop the movie and have my own total breakdown is this one. It deals with miscarriage. You see I have had seven miscarriages myself. Yes I have been blessed with four beautiful girls, but I have lost seven beautiful babies as well. It is something that is hushed up, not talked about and honestly, very few people understand. Unless you have lost a baby yourself, and even then some people (ie. my mother) don’t seem to understand the profound feeling of pain & loss. Not only did this movie show the pain and heartbreak that comes along with that, even if you are lucky enough to have children, but more importantly it showed a father who just had no idea how to cope with it. It was…beautiful. heartbreaking, but beautiful.

Now the only problem with this movie seems to be other peoples reactions. The people we have shown it to, or recommended it to, don’t seem to get it. We LOVE this movie. This movie is us. We relate to it, which is why I think we love it so much.

For so long we were lost. We desperately wanted some family in our lives, which is part of the reason we had babies so young. Unfortunately our family is more than a little crazy. They have very little interest in us or our beautiful girls. We were in a place we didn’t love, in a town that had nothing. When we moved to Melbourne we found our first real home. We love it here. Here we have also started to create family. Family are the people who love you no matter what, and are always there for you. Not necessarily the people you are blood related to.

This movie is also shot beautifully and has the most amazing soundtrack. I highly recommend it if you want to laugh and cry.



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