A Numbers Game

For those wondering the CAT team visited yesterday and are coming again tomorrow. We are also trying to find a psychologist that works in our area and that we can afford and I see my doctor again early next week. As I am trying to “get back on the horse” so to speak…I am going to jump straight into a 12WBT post.

As a geek and someone who not only loved science at school, but also loved maths, I love numbers and measurable results. So I decided that on top of the 12WBT fitness test I would go off to have my Bio Age tested (I had mine done at Geelongs Gym). Part of my wishes I had done it back in November when I was at my heaviest, and my least fittest….but as I had no idea how dramatically my life was about to change I didn’t bother. The Bio Age test took about an hour and involved me filling out a nutrition survey (did pretty good on that), a stress survey (guess how badly I bombed on that one), blood pressure (higher than usual…but I was quite stressed), cholesterol/triglycerides (higher than normal, but lower than my last blood test in Feb), blood sugars (excellent – take that diabetes), BMI (31.68), Waist Measurement (99cm) and Lunch Capacity (expired air flow 390).

After that we moved onto various fitness tests. First up was a flexibility test I thought I did dismally in this, but according to my results I scored enough to put me in the “maximum” for my age. Then we moved onto push ups. I was allowed to go on my knees and I had to see how many I could do while maintaining proper form. Every time I got about 30cm from the ground my arms collapsed. So I managed a grand total on ZERO push ups. Then to test my core strength I had to do the “plank” for as long as possible. I managed 30 seconds which apparently is quite good for my age…and the fact that I have had four kids (the last of which were twins…really I am surprised there is any muscle left there after giving birth to two giant babies). Lastly I had to do step ups for three minutes to a set rhythm and then have my heart rate measured. I made it to 1 minute 10 seconds before I almost passed out. Apparently they have never had anyone not make the three minutes and it took a week to get my results back as they had no idea what to put in the computer for that part – awesome. I knew I was unfit, but geeze that was shocking.

My chronological age is 30. So what is my bio age?

I am planning on going back after the 12WBT to be tested again (finances permitting) and hopefully I will see that number come down quite a bit.

Next up we have the fitness test for the 12WBT. It was pretty basic, but not surprisingly…I struggled a lot with it.

  1. 1km Time Trial Run/Walk – 8 minutes 33 seconds
  2. Total Push Ups in 1 minute – ZERO
  3. Abdominal Strength Test (full sit ups, no feet anchoring) – ZERO
  4. Wall Sit (Basically aĀ  squat with your back against the wall) – 19 Seconds
  5. Sit & Reach (with a ruler) – Minus 10cm

As you can see I have a lot to work on, but the upside is I should be able to improve on all of these with a little bit of work.

Then came the big weigh in and measuring. To be honest I was surprised to see I had lost weight since my last visit on the scales as I had a carb binge before ending up in hospital. I also ate whatever I wanted for the two days following my hospital visit as I just didn’t think focusing on a diet was necessary.

Week 1/Starting

  • Weight – 85.8kgs (I have almost lost 20kgs since November!)
  • Body Fat – 41.3%
  • Body Water – 43.7%
  • Bust – 119cm
  • Waist (belly button) – 107.5cm
  • Natural Waist – 99cm
  • Hips – 108cm
  • Right Thigh – 60cm
  • Left Thigh – 61cm
  • Right Bicep – 32.5cm
  • Left Bicep – 33cm

I also used my fancy smancy new HRM (heart rate monitor for those not in the “club”) “Lucille” to test my resting heart rate first thing in the morning.

Resting Heart Rate – 80bpm (More Information about resting heart rate can be found HERE)

While the program doesn’t kick off until Monday I have been “playing” with Lucille the last two days. I am determined to see if endorphins really can help with this whole depression business. So yesterday (after a day out with the family…haven’t done that in a while) I went for a run. By run I mean a walk alternating with a shuffle that included a lot of wheezing and what must have sounded like I was about to die. I choose to “run” around a local park and I am pretty sure I terrified the kiddies. I have always wanted to be able to run…but I never really had much aerobic fitness. I also had terrible ankle pain when I was a tween through to my teens. Then when I tried six years ago I got shin splints. After some poking and prodding I went and got a pair of proper running shoes fitted at athletes foot a year or two ago. Then they sat, gathering dust, next to my beautiful leather Italian boots (my calves got too big…but very pleased to say they now do up again…just in time for winter!). But I took them out for a spin yesterday and had no shin pain and my ankle only started to ache at the very end (but I sprained it a few weeks ago…). My goal is to be able to run/jog a full 5km. Thankfully using a lovely little app called “Ease into 5km” which seems to be available for both iphone & android now (yay). It is an 8 week program that consists of three work outs per week. Basically you have a walking warm up and then intervals of 30-60seconds of jogging followed by 45-90 seconds walking (recovery). They gradually build up over the weeks until you can (hopefully) run/jog the whole thing. I actually really enjoyed it. Even if my version of running was shuffling along like an 80 year old. Will post more on my progress after I have finished a few more workouts.

I was never one to enjoy exercising. I always loved my veges and lean meat and salad and fresh fruit (I also loved cakes and lollies and frozen coke). I have always drank at least 2L of water a day. But exercise was never something I enjoyed. When I was 17 I become a gym junkie briefly…but I was pretty lonely at the time. I was living on my own and trying to get through my HSC with no support and very little income. So I would go to the gym before and after school just to have something to fill my days with. But I never got much out of it. I did enjoy doing weights when I started back at the gym after the twins. I felt strong. I enjoyed being able to see improvements. But aerobic exercise I have always loathed. But yesterday, even when I thought a lung would come up, I felt good. I started to realise how much I was loving my “new” body. I am constantly impressed with how much I can do after two years in bed. I took my before photos yesterday too and even though I was quite bloated I couldn’t help but smile. I only have one chin now. I no longer look pregnant. My calves fit into my beautiful leather boots. I also slipped into a pair of size 16 jeans yesterday and wore them comfortably all day. I have more energy. To think of how I was back in November…well, I am just really impressed with how far I have come.

So, onwards and upwards.




7 thoughts on “A Numbers Game

  1. Hi, I’ve wanted to get my BioAge tested too, before and after but the closest place I’ve found is about 4 hours away and I can’t really justify the time or money to get there… I had similar results on the fitness test (slower on the run, managed a few knee push-ups, 0 on the sit ups and a whopping -28 on the sit and reach!) I had to modify the setup for the sit and reach, and take my shoes off, to even get a reading. Gotta start somewhere.
    Thanks for the link to resting heart rate. I’ll have to check it out. And use my lovely HRM. šŸ™‚
    Wishing you well for the 12wbt.

    • There is a way to search on the Bio Age website for people who do it by postcode – http://members.bioagetest.com/membersearch.aspx – you might find someone closer. I agree that it is a bit pricey…but I am a geek. I love being able to see measurable differences. Good luck with the 12WBT and looking forward to seeing us both improve our fitness tests šŸ™‚

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