Because I am a Geek (and proud of it)

Link Updated to V4

I think everyone knows one of “them”. You know the type, the ones positively giddy while working on a new spreadsheet. A geek. That would be me. I have put in roughly 6-8 hours work on this spreadsheet…and while it still needs some pretty-ing up, I am going to put it out there for others who might be starting their 12WBT on Monday like me. As I said in my last post…it’s a numbers game. This spread sheet is all about the numbers.

The first page has a place for you to enter your height and starting weight. Important to fill these out first as other cells in other pages rely on them…yes multiple formulas on multiple pages reference these numbers. Because I am awesome…or more so because I figured out how to do it. Page two has 12 weeks worth of body measurements and weights (feel free to delete any columns you won’t use with the exception of BMI and BMR). Now all the formulas on this spread sheet are for women (sorry boys…) and there is even a little box to tick if you have gotten your period during that weigh in … you know, so you can ignore any weight gain and blame it on being a woman. Based on your current weight it will work out your current BMI (Body Mass Index) and your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate…which is how many calories your body burns in a day just sitting there doing nothing). Page three is a chart which shows your weight loss with a trendline as well so you can predict when you will reach your goal weight – YAY.

Moving on to Page four you have a place for your fitness test results from the start, week 4, week 8 and week 12. I have also included a space for resting heart rate and Bio Age. The Following Page is a nice little graph so you can see your results improving. Page six is a place to put in your calorie intake each day…no spot to record what foods you are eating though (you can follow your 12WBT meal plan and I recommend the calorie king website for looking up foods and keeping a food diary) this is just for the numbers. The next page is an exercise tracker. Each day (for the 12 weeks) has a spot for the type of exercise, your calories burned, your average heart rate for the session and maximum heart rate for the session. As my HRM (heart rate monitor) gives me those readings I want a place for them…but you can ignore those. But the calories expended is the important number on that sheet. Because I love charts page eight has a chart that shows your calories burned for each week.

Page nine is my favourite though. This one auto fills using your BMR (calculated on sheet two), your calories eaten (page six) and calories burned (page seven) and uses Michelles calorie deficit formula to keep track of your calorie deficit and predict your weight loss (a 7000 calorie deficit in a week *should* result in a 1kg weight loss). I was so giddy when I worked that one out…yup, total geekdom.

The final page is a place to put your goals and rewards. I had this from an old weight watchers spreadsheet and I love it. As someone who used to reward myself with food, this keeps me motivated. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy…a massage, a pair of new shoes, a new lipstick…anything that you want. But it should be a reward, not a necessity. One of my favourite cheapo rewards is an Ulta3 Nail polish (between $2 and $3 and I have a collection of about 120 now).

You could use this spreadsheet even without the 12WBT if you wanted to track all your weightloss and fitness numbers. Feel free to download it…and tell me if anything is broken/doesn’t work and I can try to fix it. Hope someone gets as much out of it as I do (though I think most people are a bit more normal than me).

My_12WBT Spreadsheet_v4



11 thoughts on “Because I am a Geek (and proud of it)

  1. Love it, what a great idea! I’m not doing 12WBT but I have been pretty slack with eating/exercise lately so I’ll use it to whip my butt into shape on my own. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. Downloaded!! I appreciate the geek side of things, although I am no good with numbers so I’m glad someone else is. Thanks so much for doing this. Measure up time today…Yikes.

  3. Great work! Being a PA I have a spreadsheet for a spreadsheet and constantly frustrate my man with my organisation of holidays, budgets basically everything with Excel πŸ™‚ Good luck with Day one tomorrow!:)

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