Media Monday

I have decided to switch from Movie Monday, to Media Monday. After all I want to share my favourite movies, my new favourite TV shows, books I am reading, Magazines (if I find any womens magazines that aren’t “dolly” for women I will let you know) and Music.

Today I am going to start with Music. A few years ago I was the photographer for a big charity event. I loved volunteering to be photog for the nights. I got to meet some amazing people while doing it, it got my name out there and I was helping out a charity. I was just wandering around capturing the atmosphere (and the logos of all the sponsors) when I hear the most amazing voice. She was singing a cover of “Sweet Child of Mine” that made me tear up. I made sure to get the name of the band, and as you do with indie artists (or you did back then), I went to Myspace to check her out. Georgia Fields (and her band the freeways) – a local Melbourne Indie Artist. I wasn’t surprised with a little googling to discover her on the Triple J Unearthed page. I just relate to her songs…you know how sometimes that happens and all of a sudden your an absolute rabbid fan? Well that was me.

At the time she didn’t have an itunes listing but after listening to her songs on Myspace I emailed and purchased her first LP. The cover was a vintage Little Golden book. It was the msot adorable thing ever. Thankfully since then she has released a lot more amazing and beautiful and quirky songs and you can finally buy them on itunes HERE. My favourite song of all though is “Little Vices” … we all have them don’t we?

  1. Have a listen on her Myspace (and be sure to check out any shows if she is playing)
  2. Read her BLOG on gratitude and baking
  3. Buy some of her music (support local artists!) on iTunes

I am currently listening to Music from Smash

I am currently reading “Damn You Scarlet O’Hara: The Private Lives of Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier”

I am currently Watching Smash



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