Inspiration Board

This weeks challenge (on top of eating right and exercising) was to create an inspiration or mood board for our “transformation”. For me, I am trying to overhaul my whole life, I am not on a weight loss journey, and I think my board reflects that. I want to get back into photography. I dream of finding the perfect vintage 50’s little black dress. I want to go to Paris. I want to run…really run. I want to learn dressage & show jumping (or really just get back into horseriding at all). I want to learn to swing dance. But  more than anything, I want to be a better person. I want to transform from the inside out.


ps – fingers crossed you can click on the image and view it larger. It may be hard to read otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Board

    • I think I want to re–do it already (totally a perfectionist) I feel like I have left so much out LOL. But it really helped me to put a lot in perspective.

    • Good news is my waist is finally small enough that I can find some vintage in my size…but I want the *perfect* givenchy inspired 50’s LBD and I have yet to find it. The search continues. As for swing dancing I just need to do it. They have classes every day of the week in Melbourne. Horseriding is trickier as I don’t drive and all the lessons are held on farms away from public transport.

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