Fighting Fit & Fabulous

I thought it was time to give you a little update on the 12WBT and my eating & exercise ect. It’s all terribly exciting.

We are into week 4 of the 12WBT and it’s going ok. 95% of the time I stick to my 1200 calories totally fine…and am never hungry. HOWEVER as I have started adding back in carbs (just at lunchtime as I generally exercise in the afternoon) I have noticed those days I generally exceed my calorie limit. I have looked at it and it isn’t that my meals with carbs in them are higher in calories (often they are lower)….but I am often starving again within 30 minutes and then end up essentially having two lunches. As I am far from an athlete and am not pushing myself too hard I am going to pull right back on the carbs again. I always end up bloated, feeling lethargic & mood-swingy … they just don’t seem to agree with me.

Exercise -no way I have even come close to doing the recommended 1hr a day and 1.5hours on Saturday. I do exercise at least 3 times a week (generally running) and most days I do workout 1 of my yogalates DVD. If I don’t exercise (like I didn’t at all last week) again I feel pretty irritable. I homeschool my kids & my husband works from home….my 30-45 minute run is MY time entirely. I never imagined being the person who looked forward to exercising, but I totally am now. The other issue is that it is absolutely frickin freezing in Melbourne. Especially in our little suburb which is right near the water and somehow is the most windy place in the world. Often when I have gone to run it is only 4 degrees outside…and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wanted to join the gym that is literally 6 houses away (and is open 24/7) but almost $200 in joining fees stopped me. Then on Tuesday I saw a big sign out the front saying all joining fees were waived – so I am now a member of Jetts. I went and banged out 15.5km on the bike today to get some cardio into me.

So while I am eating 1200 calories most days and exercising more than I ever have in the past (and certainly more consistently) I haven’t really been following the program. A big part of that is when I started even the beginner training program was too hard. I had been in bed for two years…even with 21kgs gone I am still unfit. Then I started my running program and was doing my yogalates so I really only did the SSS (super saturday session) occasionally. Now that I am fitter and stronger I think I am going to start with weeks 1’s plans even though it is week 4 now. I am not really “in it to win it” I am in it to change my life and I know that is going to involve a lifetime of change, not just a race to the end of the 12wbt.

I have still been doing my measurements and fitness tests though and the results are in…I seriously can’t believe how big the changes have been in just 4 weeks.

So in 4 weeks I have lost 3kgs which is 3.5% of my starting body weight (starting the 12WBT overall since December I have lost 21.2kgs which is 20.38%). Which is totally acceptable but nothing to write home about…it’s pretty consistent and inline with what I was already loosing…but lets take a look at my body measurements and fitness test results…

In 4 weeks I have lost a total of 30.5cm’s from the measurements taken. Which I personally think is pretty awesome. I am noticing so many changes…including the fact that today I fit back into my CUE sz 14 pants (they were my wedding pants when I was working). I feel positively tiny (even though I know I am much bigger than is considered “socially acceptable” which I personally find bullshit…but tha’ts another post entirely).

But the fitness test results are what real made me squee. When I did my original 1km time trial at the start of the 12wbt it took me 8 minutes 33 seconds. I had mapped it out on google maps and it told me it was 1km. However when I got back inside and put it into the 12wbt stats I looked at my phone gps run tracker and it was only 850m. Whoops. I figured as long as I run the same thing next time it wouldn’t matter. Of course this time I set my run tracker to buzz when I hit 1km and hit the ground running (literally) as I jumped out my front door. I totally smashed my time taking 1 minute 43 off my time, while running a further 150km. I also ran it in two bits…by that I mean I ran and ran and ran…walked til I could mostly breathe again then ran and ran and ran and then it buzzed telling me 1km was up and I was jumping around the park grinning like an idiot in 4 degree drizzly weather when I saw the time was just 6 minutes 50. I think I totally would have scared all the kids in the park…except I was the only idiot there in the weather (and almost dark). Just for kicks I ran home (because I could) and did the rest of my fitness test.

Just four weeks ago I would attempt a push up on my knees, get less than halfway down and my arms would collapse. This time I managed a full seven push ups!!! Go me!!! I also doubled my wall sit time and took 7cm off in my flexibility test. The only thing I didn’t improve on was situps. I still can’t get more than my shoulders off the ground. So I am going to try to focus on core strength the next four weeks probably trying situps with my feet hooked under something (which you can’t do for the fitness test) as the ab exercises I have been doing don’t seem to be helping with that.

Two other things I have been measuring have been my body fat percentage (my scale does that) and my resting heart rate. Since starting the 12WBT my body fat percentage has gone from 41.3% to 38.2% (down from 47.1% in December). My resting heart rate has also gone from 80bpm to 75bpm in just four weeks. (more information on resting heart rate HERE)

For the first time in an entire lifetime I am loving my body. That includes my size and shape. I love what my body can do. It constantly surprises me and not surprisingly, it is always my mind that gives up first, never my body. In December I couldn’t walk to my shops without stopping to rest (it is literally 6 houses down) and now my body is running me all around. It jumps and bends and can do push ups. It’s amazing. I never really appreciated what my body could do. I had weak ankles growing up and terrible aerobic fitness. Then there was the media (and society) telling my body it was wrong for the size and shape it was. I tried desperately to eliminate any curves (I am currently a 12G and popped out four kids with no problems…I am curvy) so I could look like models. Models and celebrities I didn’t even find attractive. I never stopped to appropriate the awesome things my body could do. My body totally grew people…it gave the world four new (and awesome) people. It saw me through days of labour (times three…my shortest labour was 24.5hrs, my longest 6 days). Then it proceeded to provide milk for them…including two babies at once. It has walked me all over the place (I have never driven and my mum literally only got her licence 6 months ago). It let me body surf 6ft waves. Carry babies…and toddlers…and children. It has let me climb trees and playground equipment. My body is INCREDIBLE. I may be loosing weight and I may be getting fit…but the thing you guys need to remember is your bodies, not matter whether they run or walk or move your arms to push a wheel chair, are amazing. Treat them well and they will let you do even more. I encourage you to go out tomorrow (or stay in) and move your body. When I started I couldn’t do more than 5 minutes at a time. Now I can go a full hour. Don’t let where you are now get you down. If you can’t run, walk, if you can’t walk swim. Dance, skate, do jumping jacks, walk up and down your steps.

Has anyone gone back to look at my earlier posts compared to now? Where did that bitter angry person go? I am practically a hippy-lala compared to then.




4 thoughts on “Fighting Fit & Fabulous

  1. What a terrific post to read, and how great are your 4 week results! The 1km time trial, woah! I’m in awe. You must be so proud. I only did better by 1 second, but because I’d left it to the last minute I did it AFTER a Saturday session. But having said that, I swear I haven’t burnt 500 cals yet in an exercise session. But I figure whatever I do burn is better than sitting on the couch and not exercising, so I’m appeasing myself with that. Keep up the GREAT work!

    • Thanks so much! Burning 500 calories is getting harder as I get fitter…so all it means is that you are way fitter than me. And what is that saying about not mattering how far you go, you are still lapping everyone sitting on the couch.

  2. Your results are GREAT and I’m impressed, with homeschooling AND finding the time to look after yourself. Like you said, your weight loss has been consistent andf thats the inportant thing and look at those results! I’m applauding you!

    • Aww thanks. It helps that hubby is at home with us too. Between the two of us and no school times to negotiate we can generally find time for anything – as long as someone speaks up. I would never find time to go unless I just said straight up “I am doing this at this time” … I have quickly learnt that if you don’t prioritise yourself no one will.

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