We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

I can’t help but have that song in my head at the moment. Today our tax stuff for the year hit our bank and as planned we booked our first ever “proper” family holiday.

What do I mean by “proper”? Well we have visited a friends beach house before (which was nice) and we have gone on homeschool camp together and we have even travelled interstate before – staying with friends and family (that was a disaster). This is the first time we have booked the holiday WE want, with no external influences, no staying with family or friends, we are flying (rather than catching the Overnight train to Sydney) and are going where we want to, doing the things we want to do and we don’t need to rely on anyone else to get us there, give us accommodation or have to compromise because we are travelling with others. We have had such disasters in the past when we have relied on others that we just stopped travelling together until we could afford to do it “right”. That day has come and, like a child who couldn’t wait til Christmas I totally stayed up til after midnight when I knew the money would hit my bank account LOL.

We are going away for 11 nights. 3 Nights in Sydney staying at a hotel in the city, going to the Zoo, riding the ferry, Visiting Powerhouse Museum (and maybe the Maratime Museum) and catching up with my family who haven’t seen the twins since they were two (they are now 8.5). After our quick Sydney break we are heading to (what better be nice & sunny)the Gold Coast for just over a week. We already have our tickets for Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World & Wet’n’Wild. Our Apartment is just a block from the beach and has a nice pool & bbq area. We are also booked in to do something hubby has always wanted to do – Zorbing! For those of you unfamiliar with Zorbing it involves getting into a giant blown up ball and rolling down a hill…sometimes with water thrown inside just  for kicks. I might also add here that by “we” I mean everyone except Me & Miss 12. Partially because we are chicken…but mainly because we both know we would likely throw up inside. I have trouble watching a ball roll down a hill without getting dizzy…being inside one seems like lunacy. But seeing as how I married a lunatic and gave birth to crazy children it seems to be just the sort of family activity we would go do.

The best part….we leave in 4 weeks 6 days! No long waiting. It seems August is the perfect time to go as there is no school holidays around Australia, it’s too cold for most people to consider going on a “summer” holiday and flights & accommodation were crazy cheap. We managed to get all our flights for under $500.

The kids are super excited. Part of the reason we are also going now is our youngest now meet the minimum height requirement for every ride they want to go on. When we talked about it in the past we always dismissed theme parks as the girls were too short.

Hubby is super excited. But I am practically buzzing! Growing up I desperately wanted to do the theme park/gold coast holiday thing. Unfortunately we were way too poor. I was allowed to go on a day trip to Dreamworld with my friend once (we lived just 5 hours from there…so we left home at 5am and got home after 10pm) and her pony club friends but that was it. Earlier this year when our school kid bonus went into our banks we bought the girls all laptops which was such a huge thing for us. We grew up so poor that being able to buy our kids things and take them places they want to go means so much. We try our best to make sure our girls miss out on nothing. It’s hard sometimes. Some days I would totally rather buy shoes for myself or vintage pillbox hats! But when the laptops arrived and when I booked our holiday tickets none of that seemed to compare. We are going on a proper holiday!

And boy am I looking forward to slightly warmer days…Melbourne you are frickin’ freezing at the moment.



4 thoughts on “We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

  1. The title of this post got the song stuck in my head! How super exciting that you get to go to the Gold Coast – when I took a trip there at the age of about 13 it was seriously the highlight of my childhood.

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