Rewind: Part 1

I have some time to sit quietly by myself and I thought I would catch up on the blog. This is part 1 of my “Rewind” series where I tell you all about what has been happening in the last  3-4 weeks. Starting with birthdays.

June has two birthdays in this house. Our middle daughter turned 11 recently, then her dad turned 32. My baby brother also turned 13 (her shares a birthday with hubby). Normally this doesn’t see things too crazy as I almost always totally forget both my brothers and hubbys birthday. Not this year. It seems along with my health  returning my brain is coming back as well. (Though as of this time I have still forgotten to send my little brother something…its almost two weeks late now).

Miss 11 is my baby. Our eldest daughter bonded with hubby in-utero (they use to play a game where he would put his hand on my tummy and she would spin to kick it. When she was born he put his hand on her foot and she kicked and the rest was history) and he adored her so much that when breastfeeding failed colossally at 6 weeks I was pretty much on my own. He was the total opposite with Miss 11…he had absolutely no interest (something that 11 years on I am yet to forgive him for). Then of course she was born different. I accepted her totally for who she was (after all half my family are aspies) but he really struggled with it. Breastfeeding failed again as we had a newborn that couldn’t stand to be touched. The less she wanted to be touched & held the more distant he got. Then as she got older he struggled even more with the tantrums and the OCD and the collections and the undisturbable (totally not a word I am sure) routine. So for years it was me and her against the world. I defended her fiercely and loved her so much it hurt. But it wasn’t until she was almost five that we discovered what aspergers was. It was a lightbulb for us both, but her dad still desperately wanted to “fix” her. I could barely leave the two of them alone as they would manage to become hysterical with each other. But then things changed. He went back to work and she started to miss him a little. With him not around constantly she was able to breathe (he was a stay at home dad while I worked), loosen up and become herself totally. Then he started to see what I had seen all along. A beautiful, intelligent (as in needs her IQ tested because her specialist is sure she is gifted), witty, sarcastic, punk rocker,uber creative, mad-scientist, purple haired, monster child, generous, soccer playing, computer geek.

Miss 11 is always the first to point out someone elses injustice, the first to miss out on something so her sisters don’t. She has a natural talent for the arts, with her absolutely amazing gift being her writing. She spends all day with a notebook. She wears a top hat, steampunk goggles a tie. She reads manga. She is obsessed with Minecraft (a computer game). She grins when you call her a monster and hisses at you when you tell her she is wonderful.  She started dying her hair purple when she was just 8…and it has become a permanent fixture now. She loves soccer, riding her bike/scooter/skateboard/bladeboard/ripstick/rollerblades & climbing trees. She is a total perfectionist. Her drawings copied from books/cereal boxes/movies (she actually pauses the frame she wants to draw) look more like they have been traced. She hasn’t let me hug her in almost three years, but it doesn’t stop me from adoring her. I get her, and from the time she was born I thought she was the most amazing person. Time has just confirmed it. I can’t believe she is eleven. I want to go back or at least freeze time. Her father thinks I am insane…to ever want to go back to a time when things were so “hard”, but for me those days made me realise how hard she tries. Everyday life was a struggle for her and she still shone. She is still my baby.

As she has gotten older it has become increasingly difficult to buy her things. She is very, VERY particular. Some times I just can’t pick it. So this year we gave her an itunes card (there were games she wanted for her ipod) and $100 to spend. I don’t think I have ever seen her as shocked as when she opened the card and $100 fell out. Then it was inevitable…we had to take her out shopping to spend it. Punishment fits the crime I suppose. I wasn’t feeling the best so I stayed home and her dad took her shopping. She came home with tonnes of stuff from smiggle & typo (her favourite stores) and pokemon cards. Then we had some of her friends over for cake and she got to pick dinner (which we always do on birthdays). Her party was postponed for awhile as her two friends, while both being homeschooled, weren’t available at the same time til this Saturday. So as crazy as it was we headed off to Luna Park, on a Saturday, in the school holidays, on the sunniest day we have seen in ages. Not surprisingly it was insane.

The kids had so much fun though and went on every single ride except, what they call, the “babies” rides. Including this one called “Pharaohs Curse” about 15 times.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and the kids were on their best behaviours. They patiently lined up for rides that took up to 45 minutes. They didn’t pressure their friends to go on rides they thought were scary. It wasn’t until the last few rides that they started to go a bit insane.

All in all we were there for almost six hours. I guess we could call it a practice run for our holiday in four weeks. But most importantly Miss 11 had the best day and she was so glad we waited til both her friends were able to come and for a sunny day.

(her top hat was put safely into a locker before we hit the rides)

Oh boy has she changed over the years.I can’t wait to see how the rest of her life goes.



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