Rewind: Part 2

Moving on to our second birthday party of the month….well last month.

As I usually forget the girls fathers birthday, I was determined (once I remembered it was coming) to not let it slip by this year. He has never quite grown up so I decided on a kids party theme (really it should have been “peter pan…the boy who won’t grow up” themed) and invited most of the people I knew he liked hanging out with.

The day before his birthday I went to pick up the last of the groceries for the party and some last minute presents. He had already bought a PS2 (he loves games from his childhood) for his birthday as he couldn’t wait until his actual birthday LOL. I knew he wanted a large banquet style electric fry pan (that was easy) but I also knew how keen he was to get some of the new superhero lego. Standing in the lego aisle trying to decide what to get I was offered some advice by a father who was in the aisle shopping with his son. After the dad insisting the Bat Cave lego set was the way to go I informed him it was for my husband…and I have never seen anyone look so forlorn. You could just see it either never occurred to him as a grown up he could ask for lego, or he knew he would never be allowed. He mumbled something about the bat cave being awesome and walked away sadly. So Bat Cave lego it was.

Birthday Boy (Miss 11 made these awesome moustache cookies on sticks for the party)

He loved his presents. He also loved the fact that I had bought everything for party bags and a pinata for his party. I don’t know that I have ever seen him this excited. Every time his phone beeped he assumed it was going to be someone saying they couldn’t come as his parties in the past, when I have remembered, have been pretty disastrous. But only one friend cancelled (her boyfriend was about to be sent overseas for three months – navy – so they were taking the kids to the gold coast last minute)  and one of our friends even managed to bring her fiance (he is also in the Navy and is never in Melbourne). It was a full house. Of course I over catered…even with twenty odd people in our tiny house I managed to make too much food. Everyone just hung out and the kids played together. It was a really great night.

This was the first “plan” for the pinata. One of our friends just sat staring at it with a horrified look on her face. It was hilarious…though I have to admit I was dreading the inevitable phone call to the estate agent on Monday morning. But our estate agent friend kept insisting it would be safe so the birthday boy (who now had a few drinks in him) happily strung it up. Thankfully common sense prevailed and it was moved to the courtyard, in the dark, in the rain. Of course the kids loved it while all the adults watched on laughing.

the mad scramble for pinata goodies

After the pinata it was time for cake….well pavlova. The birthday boy had requested my famous chocolate pavlova, covered with chocolate cream with grated chocolate over the top.

His good friend knows him too well and showed up with these army men cake decorations which went on top along with some candles and a sparkler that with my impeccable timing went out just as he blew out the candles (oh yeah I am that awesome).

Then we had a crazy fun time playing with props and doing a photobooth type thing (though I promised to not share those on the internet) before almost everyone went home. My brother stayed over night and the two of the got even drunker and played video games (very loudly) all night. He ended up having a ball. Then I got to spend the next two days cleaning up. YAY.



2 thoughts on “Rewind: Part 2

  1. Kids party themes are so much fun. We did that for my sister’s hens party but with wedding themes to the games. Pin the tiara on the bride (pin the tail on the donkey), pass the bouquet (pass the parcel), and many others. We all had such good fun and no alcohol was required. : )

    • Sounds like so much fun…I only remember my hens night as my dad was hanging around video taping it…I had so much to drink blerg. I don’t drink any more and had plenty of fun.

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