Dream Bedroom

As we settle into our home, I realise this is the longest we have been in one place in years. When we moved in it was our third home in a year….renting can be a bitch sometimes. I hadn’t even seen it when we moved in (I was not up to the task of looking for a new house with only three weeks til our lease…which hadn’t been renewed…expired). To say I was disappointed was an understatement. It is tiny, at least compared to our last three homes. When we moved in the electricity hadn’t been connected (as promised so the garage remote didn’t work) and the garage key didn’t work…so we had to squeeze furniture that filled a house twice the size (our last place had a toy room and a formal dining school room and a lounge twice the size), into this tiny place for almost a week (we were without electricity for over a week) until we got into the garage. We also still had my brother and his girlfriend living with us. It was a tight squeeze. Add in the fact that non of the adults were working and the kids were homeschooled …. well I thought I might go even crazier than I already was.

We have been here just over eleven months now and it’s grown on me. My brother and his girlfriend moved out in January and the house seemed infinitely bigger. The two bigger girls now each have their own room which seems almost necessary as they are chalk and cheese and heading into puberty. I adore our little row of identical houses and the neighbour seems to have given up on blasting music at 3am (we share walls on both sides). The bath which seemed too small last year (at 22 kilos heavier) now seems perfect. My bedroom window is actually a big glass door which opens onto a small courtyard (I used to never open my blinds as I hated people being able to see in) and opens straight into the kitchen….perfect for midnight snacks (not approved by the 12WBT). The kitchen, while much smaller than our last place, has twice as much storage. I love that we have fly screens on every door and window (a rare thing in new houses) and a lockable security door (I would not open the front door on my own after an incident with a door-to-door salesman when I was pregnant with the twins) meaning I can open the door, see who it is and never compromise my safety. Not to mention the much smaller house is much faster to clean!

It’s grown on me. I am relaxing into it…finally. But I can’t help but shake the feeling that in three weeks our lease won’t be renewed, just as I am feeling….home.

So to shake that feeling I am making plans for what I will do if (there is a god) our lease is renewed. We have been slowly decorating Miss 12’s room thanks to a friend with a van who picked her up a vintage floral print arm chair ($5.50 on ebay) and a beautiful old roll top desk ($10 on ebay) as well as two canvas prints on sale at Typo ($5 each). She also scored my beautiful vintage dressing table as our room is too small. She just needs a new double bed (my brothers old queen is falling apart, is quite masculine & too big for the room) and for us to get around to making this quilt and she is done. Then it will be time to focus on our room. We have been living with second hand pieces in our bedroom since we moved into our first flat thirteen years ago. I want a bed that only we have slept on (in our defence friends of ours separated three weeks after buying a $3k mattress neither of them wanted…they were just going to take it to the tip!), I think I want a king size bed, I want crisp, white 1000TC cotton sheets and pillows that aren’t decades old. I want a chest of drawers. Art. A lamp. I want a little table & chairs in my courtyard so I can have my tea and read in the sun. I want flowers. Fresh flowers. Why not if I have a courtyard? I also need to double check with the estate agent, but over our vertical blinds I would like to put block out curtains…any light makes it hard for me to sleep. I seem to have it mostly figured out, now to find the money!

Starting with the bed…I want a beautiful rich blue velvet bed head. Something totally lush. That screams “we no longer have babies throwing up everywhere”. Not too feminine (though hubby really doesn’t care…as long as he can have this series of superhero prints in the hall I can make the bedroom pink & lacy for all he cares), but still soft. Like this one on ebay

Above our bed I would like to have a collection of the “Blue Nude” series by Henri Matisse in white frames.

Beside the bed I would like something like these bedside tables from ikea

Opposite the bed I would really love this chest of drawers (also from ikea)

ideally a big long white mirror above it … we will probably use frameshop.com.au as you can input the exact size of mirror (or photo frame or even corkboard) and then add any of the frames from their range…I also used to use them for my clients photos and they were always fantastic.

The only other thing I desperately want in the room (besides beautiful linen) is this sort jewellery storage/mirror thing

I have so many beautiful & unique pieces of jewellery and it’s all thrown in a box in my ensuite…so I never wear them.

For my courtyard I would love to find some varieties of roses that do well in pots. I know absolutely nothing about growing flowers and while both my nan & aunty have extremely green thumbs (my aunt worked as a tree surgeon for years) I have a feeling that given the extreme weather differences between here & Sydney most of it wouldn’t translate. As well as flowers…preferably lots & white (is there anything more special than receiving a bouquet of white flowers?) I would also love a little table and chair set. Something like this would be perfect…

So what about you? What are your bedroom must haves? What about your dream bedroom?



2 thoughts on “Dream Bedroom

  1. Wow. It must be so nice to know what you want! I usually just pick up odd things that take my fancy, take them home then realise they don’t work with what I already have. I quite like that superhero art. And the jewellery sorter thingy. 🙂

    • That’s how we have been forever…except replace “pick up” with “given because everything in our house, furniture included, was stolen”. We do have an awesome leather lounge that is super comfy because on of my brothers friends parents were moving into a brand new house and decided their six month old 4k lounge set just wouldn’t do (seriously I don’t understand what people spend their money on). But my dream is a bedroom haven…one day I will get it!

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