for those that are waiting for the rest of our holiday … I’m sorry, I just can’t manage much of anything at the moment.

I came home and felt unwell pretty quickly. I had a fever and just felt exhausted. I started sleeping (well after experiencing real restorative sleep while on sleeping medication I use the term very loosely) 14-16 hours a day. Then I stopped going out. Then I stopped getting dressed. Now I can’t manage more than lying in bed staring at the ceiling. I am still seeing my psychologist (and she is getting me some referrals to a psychiatrist to review my medication and for someone to give me a proper explanation as to why I can’t use the sleeping medication longer term) but she goes on maternity leave next month. I haven’t stopped taking any medication.

I did go on a three day carb and sugar binge in the hopes the sugar would perk me up. Didn’t work (but I think I knew it wouldn’t).

That’s all I can manage now.




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