September 1st – Fire & Ice by Revlon

I was twelve when I was officially diagnosed with “clinical depression” and at aged 28, after suffering from a complete nervous breakdown, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II. Mental illness runs in my family. My mum has bipolar, my grandma had bipolar and my great grandmother spent time in an “institution” for what I now suspect was bipolar. I have watched friends become incapacitated with postnatal depression and my eldest daughter, now 12, has struggled with severe anxiety which led to the beginnings of an eating disorder. In our house mental illness isn’t a taboo subject, it’ just a part of our life.

If you have been reading my blog lately you will know that I am in the heart of a depressive phase. Just getting dressed is too hard at the moment (hence my lovely pink fluffy robe in the above photo…purchased for me during one of my many stays in the psych ward). But when I learnt about liptember I decided to sign up, slap on some lipstick & make this post.

Liptember is raising funds for Centre for Women’s Mental Health and Lifeline and goes towards research and programs for gender specific mental health issues for women. You can read more about what they do by visiting the Liptember website HERE.

This is an issue close to my own heart. This issue has impacted my family long before I was born and will likely impact my family long after I am gone. While at the moment I have little energy (I am also very, very sick…I have no voice and my neck has swollen up ridiculously – I look like a rugby player…in red lipstick…so attractive) so I am not going to be terribly eloquent or able to elaborate much….if you want to read more about how mental illness has impacted me and my family please feel free to browse the archives of this blog. I have rarely held back and some of my darkest thoughts are contained within these pages.

Instead I am going to commit to wearing lipstick every single day during this month. I will be posting proof on my instagram daily (username “theprojectgirl”). If you want to support me in this cause I would ask you to consider the following…

  1. Donate HERE (you can “sponsor” me)
  2. Purchase your own OFFICIAL Liptember lippy at Myer or Lorna Jane
  3. Slap on some lipstick every day and let people know why….lets bring mental health out of the shadows and support our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends & lovers living with mental illness.



One thought on “Liptember

  1. This is such an important cause – if only it was more well known! Mental health can be such an overlooked issue. I will definitely get myself to Myer to buy a Liptember lipstick, I wish there were badges or something as well so I could advertise what it’s all about!

    You look absolutely beautiful, by the way. Your strength and willpower continue to amaze me; keep being awesome! I am supporting you and Liptember all the way. xxx

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