Health & Beauty

One of the slowest parts of my recovery process, since my diagnosis and then being medicated, seems to be physically looking after myself. I was so heavily sedated that it was too much effort to do anything. That is (very slowly) changing. I also got a kick up the butt when I got my diabetes diagnosis. So how are things going 7 weeks post diagnosis?

Well for a start I am under 90kgs! The last time I was under 90kgs was just before I went into hospital. I have managed to eliminate 90% of carbs from my diet as no matter how low gi the packet said it was, my blood sugars skyrocketed if I even looked at bread/pasta/rice. I was doing so incredibly well until I got really upset and binged on bread and 3 cupcakes. I hadn’t had any carb cravings in weeks and now, even 10 days on, I am still massively craving them again. I learnt a very valuable lesson there – the hardest part is withdrawal. After that it’s easy – so don’t fall off the wagon again!

As I am loosing the weight I am finding I have more energy. Being on half my original seroquel dose has also given me back some energy. Compared to last year I am busy, busy….but compared to life before bipolar I still feel like a turtle.

While I have energy, I am seriously lacking in motivation. Especially as it becomes colder. I spent 18 months curled up in bed in my jammies and outside just seems freezing. I also don’t take much joy in “typical” exercises. As I loved my burlesque dance classes so much I purchased a few DVD’s so I can do them at home…but I don’t like an audience (and am exhausted by the time the girls are in bed) so they aren’t getting as much use as I would like. So I think I need to bite the bullet and start attempting to get up earlier. The kids don’t tend to emerge from their bedrooms til around 8 (and if they do they eat breakfast and then head back to bed to read) so I could do it before they get up.It may even be the (painful) solution to me not sleeping well. If I get up early I am bound to be tired enough to sleep at night….?

After being inspired by Miss Directions I have signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I have already assumed I probably won’t be able to use most of the food plans (with the diabetes) but I want to be told what to do and when to do it…I think it could be the motivation I need to start moving again. It’s about the same cost as joining a gym and I don’t have to actually be at a gym to do the exercises. Wish me luck!

I am still loving the cold cream. I can’t believe how amazingly soft and clean my face feels using it. My massive pores around my nose are almost non existent now. The only change to this routine is at night I am no longer using witch hazel afterwards. I found that I like a bit more moisture on my face over night. I have also started using my rosehip oil again – this time mainly as an eye cream. My skin seems to be loving this less is more approach and knowing I can just duck in to the chemist across the road when I run out of something (as opposed to trekking to myer or david jones) is great.

After some more advice from a lady who is addicted to cold cream I invested in a japanese nylon polishing cloth. She uses it once a week when she slathers her whole body in cold cream and scrubs herself with the cloth. I am now totally addicted to this process and my skin is so silky smooth afterwards. But the main reason I love it is that it is long enough that you can hold either end and scrub your own back. There is a small square of my back that I just couldn’t reach before. I use it on my back everyday with some goats milk soap and am just madly in love with this product.

I have been staying strong with my no clothing purchases with the exception of a bra (target now has a – tiny – range of bras that go up to an F cup for $25 a piece…but they are pretty hideous, but functional) and a pair of size 18 jeans. I was pushing a size 24, so that was pretty awesome. It has been easy not to shop as I am slowly fitting back into some of my favourite pieces of clothing – yay!